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Technical Analysis of Emergency Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 17, 2022

When the diesel generator set is used as the emergency standby power supply, the diesel generator manufacturer will formulate some technical requirements for the unit to meet the needs of special units. It not only requires the start response time and success rate of diesel generator set, but also emphasizes the stability of operation and its protection function. Here, the diesel generator manufacturer will talk with you about the specific technical requirements and performance of the emergency diesel generator set. The specific contents are as follows:

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1. The diesel generator set manufacturer shall complete the design, manufacturing, transportation, storage, installation and commissioning guidance, commissioning coordination and acceptance, technical training for operation and maintenance personnel, after-sales service and other work of emergency diesel generator set and auxiliary equipment and materials according to the requirements of this technical specification, and hand over relevant data in the required order.

2. As the emergency power supply for special unit important loads, the emergency diesel generator set shall meet the following operation modes: under normal conditions, the unit shall always be ready for starting. When both mains power supplies are interrupted, the unit shall be started immediately. The unit startup delay time is 0 to 3 seconds (adjustable), and the unit can automatically start the unit (with three consecutive self starting functions). When any line of mains power is restored, the generator unit shall be able to continue to operate with load for about 180 seconds (adjustable) until the mains power supply is stable, and then switch to the mains power supply with load. The unit will continue to operate for 0~300 seconds (adjustable) and automatically stop after cooling. There shall be an interlock device between the unit and the power system to prevent parallel operation.

3. The success rate of automatic starting of emergency diesel generator set shall not be less than 99%. If the automatic starting of the unit fails, it shall be able to send alarm signals. The unit shall be able to operate locally and in compartments. Remote control panel shall be provided. The automatic starting signal of the unit shall be provided by the combination of main incoming voltage relays with low voltage of the load.

4. Fixed high-speed automatic emergency diesel generator set is adopted, and the working mode is standby. The unit shall be characterized by fast startup, strong capacity to withstand sudden load, reliable operation, good speed regulation, low failure rate, low noise, low vibration, low pollution, small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, etc.

5. All important components of the emergency diesel generator set, such as the engine, generator, generator controller, etc., shall adopt products with reliable quality and advanced technology provided by brand modules. The place of origin, diesel generator manufacturer and corresponding technical specifications shall be provided during bidding.

6. Outgoing distribution cabinet shall be provided locally for emergency diesel generator set, which shall be equipped with frame removable circuit breaker. The generator shall be equipped with short-circuit, overload, grounding, overvoltage, undervoltage and reverse power fault protection devices. The mean time between failures of the unit is 10000h.

7. The power supply of emergency diesel generator set is connected to the load through the outgoing power distribution cabinet and the enclosed bus, and then connected to the low-voltage power distribution system through ATS.

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