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System of Overall Structure of Internal Combustion Engine

Sep. 28, 2022

Modern diesel generator sets have been widely used in various places of people's work and life, such as shopping centers, business centers, large international and domestic exhibition centers, traffic command centers, etc., because of their economic and safe use of fuel, high thermal efficiency, reliable and stable performance, and low emissions to the environment.


The diesel generator set is a kind of power machine that converts the heat energy released during fuel combustion into mechanical energy. Its hardware is mainly composed of three parts: diesel engine, synchronous alternator, voltage regulator and unit controller. The diesel engine is a kind of internal combustion engine. It is a thermal engine that converts the heat energy obtained from fuel combustion in the cylinder into mechanical work. To achieve this transformation, diesel engines should have the following basic components:

 Yuchai diesel generator

(1) To obtain heat energy, a certain amount of fuel must be supplied for combustion in the combustion chamber, so there must be a fuel system. It includes: fuel tank, fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, etc.


(2) In order to convert the heat energy obtained into mechanical work, it needs to be completed through the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism. It mainly includes:


Cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and flywheel, etc. When the fuel is burned in the cylinder, the pressure of gas expansion on the piston is converted into crankshaft rotating torque through the connecting rod, so that the crankshaft drives the working machinery to do work.


(2) To continuously convert heat into mechanical work, there should also be a valve mechanism to ensure regular intake of fresh air and exhaust gas. It mainly includes: intake valve, exhaust valve, camshaft and its driving parts.


(4) In order to reduce the friction loss and maintain the normal temperature of the parts in the diesel engine, there should be a lubrication system and a cooling system.


① The lubricating system includes: oil pump, oil filter, lubricating oil circuit, etc.

② The cooling system includes: water pump, radiator, fan, water jacket, etc.

(5) In order to start the diesel engine, a starting device is required. Such as electric starter, pneumatic motor, starting gasoline engine, etc.


The fuel supply system of gasoline engine is different from that of diesel engine due to the formation and combustion mode of combustible mixture. The gasoline and air of the gasoline engine are mixed outside the cylinder, so there are carburetors and other devices. In addition, the combustible mixture is ignited by an electric spark after being compressed in the cylinder, so the gasoline engine also has ignition devices, including spark plugs, ignition coils, distributors and power supply equipment.


Understanding the structure of the internal combustion engine will help users understand the overall structure of the diesel generator set more clearly, which is of great significance for the operation and maintenance of the unit. The overall structure of general internal combustion engines includes the above systems. However, due to different cylinder numbers, cylinder arrangement and cooling methods, their structures are somewhat different.

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