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Structure of Diesel Generator Set Voltage Stabilizer

Oct. 17, 2022

With the improvement of living standards and the increasing number of electrical equipment, diesel generator sets, as emergency power generation equipment, naturally become the best choice for human beings. However, sometimes dangerous situations may occur due to voltage instability or power failure. At this time, the voltage stabilizer of diesel generator sets plays its role.

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Then, what are the advantages of the structure and performance of the diesel generator set's voltage regulator? Next, Starlight Power will give you an answer.

(1) Stable voltage

When the grid voltage or load fluctuates instantaneously, the regulated power supply will compensate the voltage amplitude with a response speed of 10-30ms to make it stable within ± 2%.

(2) Multifunctional comprehensive protection

In addition to the most basic voltage stabilizing function, the voltage regulator shall also have the most basic protection functions of overvoltage protection (more than+10% of the output voltage), undervoltage protection (less than - 10% of the output voltage), phase loss protection, and short-circuit overload protection.

(3) Sharp pulse suppression

Sometimes there will be sharp pulses with high amplitude and narrow pulse width in the power grid, which will breakdown the electronic components with low withstand voltage. The anti surge components of the voltage regulator can play a good role in suppressing such sharp pulses.

Isolated conductive EMI electromagnetic interference (optional):

NC equipment mostly adopts AC/DC rectification+PFC high-frequency power factor correction, which has certain interference and strict requirements for interference sources. The filter component of the stabilized voltage power supply can effectively isolate the interference of the power grid to the equipment and also can effectively isolate the interference of the equipment to the power grid.

(4) Lightning protection

The lightning protection capability that should be possessed.

The above four points are the analysis of the structure and performance characteristics of the diesel generator set voltage regulator. To sum up, we can know that the voltage regulator can stabilize the voltage and protect the circuit to a certain extent, and also has the function of lightning protection, which greatly reduces the occurrence of safety accidents and economic losses.

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