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Strictly Inspect the Components of Perkins Generator Set

May. 18, 2023

The components of the Perkins generator set are screened according to the requirements, and re inspected according to the re inspection specifications after entering the factory. For other components of the Perkins generator set, the miniature circuit breaker is selected as rust resistant, the main output circuit breaker contacts of the Perkins generator set are made of copper alloy material, buttons, switches, etc. are selected as products certified by the classification society, and contactors and relays are selected as sealed types.

perkins generator maintenance

Before installation, the component boards undergo plate level high and low temperature cycling, vibration testing, and electrical aging testing. Inside the control cabinet of the Perkins generator set, these component boards are protected by installing them in sealed boxes.

When installing the connector, the connection between the Perkins generator set socket and the installation substrate is treated with sealant for waterproofing. After the joint of the cable is welded to the cable core, it should be cleaned and coated with three proof paint. Then, it should be filled with silicone rubber without any gaps. Then, it should be hot fixed with a heat shrink tube and covered with a protective cover.

Terminal blocks, connectors, potentiometer, relays and other parts of Perkins generator set that need conductive contact, on the one hand, improve the corrosion resistance of the material itself, on the other hand, apply protective materials, such as Perkins generator set dipped with electrical contact protective agent, that is, solid film protective agent. The control cabinet body of the Perkins generator unit needs to undergo acid pickling and phosphating treatment, and the surface should be coated according to the specified requirements. All fasteners used should be made of stainless steel material.

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