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Starting and Running of Electronic Controlled Diesel Generators

Dec. 08, 2023

The electronic control technology of diesel generators has developed on the rapidly developing electronic control technology platform in the context of solving the two challenges of energy crisis and emission pollution. It can improve low-temperature starting, reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and smoke, improve the operational stability of diesel engines, and enhance the power and economy of diesel generator sets.

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With the development and popularization of electronic controlled diesel generators, proficient mastery and correct operation of diesel engine protection systems have become increasingly important. In order to facilitate the correct use of electronic controlled diesel engines and more effectively play the role of diesel engines, users should pay attention to the following requirements when starting and running electronic controlled diesel engines:

1. Before starting the diesel engine, check if the fuel tank is short of fuel, otherwise it may damage the fuel transfer pump.

2. When starting a diesel engine, do not step on the accelerator pedal, otherwise it will make the diesel engine unable to start.

3. When starting, turn the key to the second gear and connect the ECU power. The ECU will automatically detect all sensors, actuators, etc. for about 6 seconds. At this time, the fault indicator light will be on. Do not start the diesel engine during this period. If no fault is detected, the fault indicator light will turn off and the engine can start normally.

4. During driving, attention should be paid to whether various instruments and indicator lights are normal. When the fault indicator light is constantly on, it indicates that the diesel engine is in a faulty operating state and should be repaired in a timely manner nearby, otherwise it may cause greater faults.

5. When the coolant temperature drops below 60 ℃ after starting, the ECU will limit the maximum load of the diesel engine. At this time, insufficient power is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended to perform idle preheating before starting the vehicle.

Most diesel engines nowadays use electronic control injection systems. Compared with traditional mechanical injection systems, electronic control injection systems can effectively improve the power and economy of diesel engines, while significantly reducing environmental pollution. In addition, the advantages of electronically controlled diesel engines are not only reflected in intelligence, but also contribute to improving the service life of diesel generator sets. For users, only through proper use, maintenance, and upkeep can the service life of diesel engines be guaranteed.

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