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Standard Operation of Cummins Diesel Generator Set After Startup

Sep. 18, 2023

What are the standard operations for Cummins diesel generator sets after startup? In actual use, due to the varying levels of operation by operators, there are many bad habits when starting Cummins diesel generator sets, which have caused great harm to the equipment. Below, I will list a few common mistakes that are often made during the startup process, hoping to provide reference for everyone. After starting the Cummins diesel generator set without water and catching fire, adding cooling water can easily cause the body parts to heat up too quickly and accelerate wear and tear. Adding cold water to a hot car can also cause the body to explode. If the motor is used for a long time to start the motor, the battery will discharge for a long time and high current, which can easily cause bending of the electrode plate. Excessive discharge can easily cause sulfurization of the electrode plate, leading to the scrapping of the battery. Traction starting and forced operation of cold vehicles can easily exacerbate wear and mechanical accidents of transmission and walking mechanisms.

Cummins generator

Starting on a slope, due to the Cummins diesel generator set not being preheated, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is high, and the lubrication is poor, which can easily exacerbate locomotive wear and brake failure and cause accidents. When starting with suction, the air filter needs to be removed to allow external dust to directly enter the cylinder. Easy to produce detonation, causing damage to the body. Easy to increase carbon deposition, accelerate wear of cylinders, pistons, and piston rings, resulting in a decrease in power. Injecting gasoline into the intake pipe for starting is very dangerous. After a diesel engine catches fire, it is prone to detonation, which increases the impact load on moving parts and damages them. It can also easily cause speeding, carbon deposition, and instantaneous overheating of the diesel engine. Starting with an open flame and preheating with an open flame in winter can easily lead to a fire. Burn out the circuit. Causing the oil pan to burn and crack. Local high temperatures can easily cause the engine oil to deteriorate.

Starting at maximum throttle, placing the throttle in the maximum position can easily cause excessive fuel to be injected into the cylinder, resulting in a rich mixture and making it difficult to start. After starting, the speed increases sharply, which can easily cause damage and wear to the components. Adding oil to the cylinder for starting, and injecting oil into the cylinder during starting, can easily form a large amount of carbon deposits, affecting the service life of the valve train and crank connecting rod mechanism. When shutting down the engine, bang the throttle to prepare for the next start. Some drivers may stop and shut down the engine by slamming the throttle a few times, believing that the next start is easy, which can cause fuel waste, increase economic losses, and exacerbate wear and damage between the components.

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