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Standard for Adding Coolant to Volvo Generator Set

Feb. 13, 2023

Today we will briefly introduce the standard for adding coolant to Volvo generator sets.

The cooling fluid of Volvo generator set is used for cooling the diesel engine directly by the cooling system. It is usually appropriate to use clean fresh water, such as rain, tap water or clarified river water. If the well water or underground water (hard water) is used directly, it is easy to form scale in the water chamber of the diesel engine because they contain a lot of minerals, which will affect the effect of the cooling fluid and cause failure. If the conditions limit, only hard water must be softened before use.

Volvo diesel generator

Check the coolant level and add the same brand of coolant if necessary. Check whether there is leakage in the water pipe. The coolant level should be about 5cm lower than the sealing surface of the sealing cover. Users should pay special attention when filling the cooling system with coolant. During the filling process, the air left in the system pipe cannot be removed at one time, which will cause false filling of the supplement, so it should be added in stages. After the second addition, continue to add until the liquid level is seen in the water inlet pipe, then observe for a few minutes, then run the engine for 2 to 3 minutes, stop for 30 minutes, then recheck the liquid level, and add again if necessary.

Cooling system exhaust method: open the engine water tank cover, open the exhaust bolts from the bottom to the top, let the coolant flow out until there are no bubbles, and then close the exhaust bolts in turn. If there is a heater, the valve must be opened. Method of using antifreeze: the performance of antifreeze and water preparation shall meet the local climate and environment, and the freezing point of antifreeze shall be less than 5 ℃ below the annual temperature.

When adding Volvo generating set coolant, the cooling level should be around the sealing surface of the sealing cover. Method of filling the cooling system: Pay special attention when stopping this operation. During the filling process of Volvo generator set, the air left in the system pipe can not be cleaned at one time, which will form the condition of filling false full, so it should be added in stages. After completing the secondary addition, continue adding a little later until the liquid level is seen in the water inlet pipe, and then observe for a few minutes.

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