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Reasons and Solutions for The High And Low Oil Level of Generator Set

Dec. 08, 2021

The oil level of the generator set is too high or too low during the use of the generator set. The oil level of the generator set should be appropriate, so everyone should pay attention to the problem of the oil level when using it. So, what caused it? How to solve it?

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Let's first look at the reasons for the high oil level of the generator set. The oil level is higher than the oil level line due to the increase in oil temperature, and sometimes the oil level reaches the top and the oil level cannot be seen. The reason for the high oil level may be: abnormal operation of the transformer cooler, which causes the transformer oil temperature to rise, and the oil expands due to heat, which causes the oil level to rise; when the transformer is refueled, the oil level is increased. Once the ambient temperature rises significantly, it will be caused the oil level too high. If the oil level is too high due to abnormal operation of the cooler, it is recommended that the user should check whether the surface of the cooler is clogged with ash, whether the upper and lower valves of the oil pipe are open, whether the pipe is blocked, whether the fan and submersible pump are running properly and cooling. Whether the temperature of the medium is appropriate and whether the flow rate is sufficient. If the oil level is too high due to excessive refueling, the oil should be drained to an appropriate height. If the oil level is not visible, determine where the exact oil level line is, and then drain the oil to an appropriate height.

Let's take a look at the oil level is too low. When the oil level of the generator set transformer is significantly lower than the oil level corresponding to the current oil temperature, and the oil level is below the oil level line or is not visible, it should be judged that the oil level is too low. The reasons for the low oil level may be: oil leakage in the transformer; the original oil level of the transformer is not high, and the oil level is too low when the load of the transformer drops suddenly or the temperature of the outside environment drops significantly; the oil of the strong oil-water-cooled transformer flows into the oil cooler A longer time will also make the oil level too low. If the oil level is too low, it will cause the light gas protection to operate, and if it is a float relay, it will also cause the heavy gas protection to trip. When there is a severe oil shortage, the transformer core and windings will be exposed to the air, which will not only be prone to moisture and reduce the insulation capacity, but also may cause insulation breakdown.

Therefore, if the oil level of the generator set transformer is too low or the oil level is significantly reduced, the oil should be replenished to the normal oil level as soon as possible. If the oil level is significantly reduced due to severe oil leakage, it is forbidden to change the gas protection from trip to signal to eliminate the oil leakage and restore the oil level to normal. If a large amount of oil leaks, the oil level drops below the gas relay or continues to drop, the transformer should be stopped immediately.

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