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Solution to Fuel Pipeline Leakage in Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 21, 2023

Do you have any solutions to the problem of fuel pipeline leakage in diesel generator sets? The causes and solutions of fuel pipeline leakage in diesel generator sets may encounter various sudden faults during use, which will bring many troubles and inconveniences to the normal operation of diesel generator sets. Therefore, it is possible to master the maintenance of some common faults of diesel generator sets to reduce unnecessary trouble. For example, what measures can be taken to solve gas leakage in the fuel pipeline of a diesel generator set. Today, we share the following reasons for the failure of general leaks.

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The air in the oil circuit or the interfaces of each oil circuit are loose, resulting in oil leakage; The part of the air fuel filter is blocked, resulting in insufficient air intake for the oil engine; Blocked oil circuit or oil leakage filter screen; Diesel engine filter clogged; Oil pump failure; The injection pump is stuck in a position where it is not supplied; When there is a slight air leakage in the diesel generator oil circuit, oil resistant sealant or soap or butter can be applied to the leakage area, and then wrapped with rubber or plastic cloth. The outer side can be tightened with fine steel wire. If the high-pressure pipe of the generator leaks or sinks seriously, the leakage or sink can be cut off, and then the high-pressure pipes at both ends can be connected with steel pipes for emergency use. If the high-pressure oil pipe joint or low-pressure oil pipe hollow bolt of the generator leaks, cotton or silk wire winding can be used on the high-pressure oil pipe joint or hollow bolt, and oil resistant sealant, soap or butter should be applied, and then tightened.

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