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Soft Start Mode of Cummins Diesel Generator Set Motor

Feb. 16, 2023

The soft starter connected in series between the power supply of Cummins diesel generator set and the controlled motor is used to control the conduction angle of the internal thyristor, so as to gradually increase the input voltage of the motor from zero to the end of starting, and give the full voltage of the motor, that is, soft starting. In the process of soft starting, the starting torque and speed of the motor gradually increase. Cummins diesel generator set soft start generally has the following starting methods.

Dongfeng Cummins generator

The main results are as follows: Cummins diesel generator set ramp boost soft start: this starting method is the simplest, without current closed-loop control, only adjusting the thyristor conduction angle, so that it has a certain functional relationship with time. The disadvantage is that because the current is not limited, it is sometimes necessary to generate large pulse current to damage the thyristor during the motor starting process, which has a great impact on the power grid and is rarely used in practice.

Cummins diesel generator set ramp constant current soft start: this starting method gradually increases at the initial stage of motor starting, and remains unchanged when the current reaches the predetermined value until the start is completed. During starting, the speed of current rise and change can be adjusted and set according to the motor load. If the current rise rate is large, the starting torque is large, and the starting time is short, this starting method is the most widely used starting method, especially for fan and pump load starting.

Cummins diesel generator set step start: start, that is, in the shortest time, the starting current can quickly reach the set value, that is, step start. By adjusting the setting value of starting current, the effect of fast starting can be achieved.

Cummins diesel generator set impulse starting: in the starting stage, the thyristor can be opened for a short period of time. After a period of time, it will fall back under a large current, and then rise linearly according to the original set value, and start with constant current. This starting method is less used in general loads and is suitable for heavy loads, which requires overcoming large static friction.

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