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Six Common Faults Of Diesel Generator Internal Combustion Engine Connecting Rod

Mar. 08, 2023

The connecting rod is the main part of the internal combustion engine power transmission of the diesel generator set. The stress is complex in the work. After long-term work, the following common faults may occur.


(1) Crack scrapping.


(2) Lateral bending: lateral bending can easily cause the following defects.

① The center line of the connecting rod big and small end holes is not parallel.


② The piston deflects in the cylinder, resulting in increased friction and power loss.


③ The piston and piston ring wear increases.


④ The amount of exhaust gas leaked into the crankcase increases, and the engine oil leaks.


⑤ The load on the connecting rod bushing and bearing bush is uneven on the whole working surface, causing the connecting rod bushing and bearing bush to heat and wear.

(a) Lateral bending.

(b) Twist.

(c) Bending in plane direction


diesel generator set

(3) Distortion: the distortion of connecting rod easily causes the connecting rod and piston pin, piston pin and piston to hold, making it rotate inefficiently, and in serious cases, it will cause strong piston knock.


(4) The bending of the connecting rod in the plane direction.


(5) The large and small end holes of the connecting rod are out of round and tapered.


(6) Connecting rod bolts and nuts are damaged.

The bending and twisting of connecting rod are often caused by overload and sudden explosion of internal combustion engine. From the above results, we can see that the connecting rod is bent and twisted, which not only reduces its strength, but also makes the matching between the piston group and the cylinder abnormal, and brings abnormal longitudinal wear to the piston group and the cylinder. Therefore, the connecting rod must be carefully and accurately inspected and corrected during repair.


The bending and twisting inspection of the connecting rod is carried out on the connecting rod calibrator. The connecting rod calibrator is composed of slot block seat, fixed screw, flat plate, adjusting nut and expansion block. In addition, special tools for correcting bending and twisting of connecting rods are also attached.


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