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Single Cylinder and Multi Cylinder Diesel Engines of Diesel Generators

Feb. 24, 2023

Today we will briefly introduce the difference between single-cylinder diesel engine and multi-cylinder diesel engine used in diesel generator.

Single-cylinder diesel engine is a diesel engine with only one cylinder when classified according to the number of cylinders. It is the power system of small tractors. Generally, the horsepower is about ten horsepower, and the torque can generally reach about 60 Nm. Because its parts are in high-speed running friction for a long time, with the increasing wear degree, it will inevitably lead to various failures.

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In case of failure, if it can be diagnosed and eliminated quickly and accurately, it will play a vital role in improving the service life and operation efficiency of agricultural machinery. Diesel engines generally have the characteristics of low speed and good torque (long cylinder stroke), so they are not so dependent on the speed, so the limit speed of single-cylinder diesel engine seems to be around 2000 rpm.

The tractor mainly uses the characteristics of large single-cylinder displacement, large reduction gear ratio and long stroke. The engine torque is amplified many times, and the torque is enough. The previous single-cylinder diesel engine used a mechanical governor, and the fuel supply would be large when the accelerator was depressed. However, the load is too large, the torque of the diesel engine is not enough, the rotational speed cannot be raised, and the air intake is not enough if the rotational speed cannot be raised. At this time, the extra oil can not be completely burned, but can only be carbonized into particles and discharged, forming the so-called black smoke.

If the single-cylinder diesel engine starts to emit black smoke, the diesel engine already has too much load at this time. In order to provide more power, we have to step on the accelerator desperately. For this diesel engine, it has already begun to be weak and will soon be scrapped. It will not play a role. Because the mechanical governor is widely used in single-cylinder diesel engines, the fuel supply will increase when the accelerator is depressed, but the torque of the diesel engine will not rise, and the speed will not rise, resulting in a lack of air intake.

Diesel generators are generally 4-cylinder I, 6-cylinder I, 12-cylinder and 18-cylinder. The greater the power, the more cylinders. The more cylinders, the heavier the unit, the larger the displacement, and the higher the fuel consumption. Single-cylinder diesel engines have two-stroke and four-stroke engines, and the structure is basically the same. The main difference is in the valve structure. The multi-cylinder engine can be regarded as a combination of single-cylinder engines according to different arrangement.

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