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Secondary Technical Maintenance of Diesel Generator Sets

Dec. 19, 2023

The diesel generator set is in a static state for a long time, and various materials of the set itself will undergo complex chemical and physical changes with engine oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in equipment maintenance to avoid damaging the generator set.

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In addition to checking the battery voltage and electrolyte density, cleaning the fuel filter, air filter, filter element in the ventilation pipe, oil filter, or replacing the oil filter element, the second level technical maintenance during the use and maintenance process of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set also needs to be carried out as follows:

1. Start the diesel engine and listen for any noise or abnormal noise during idle, medium, and high-speed operation.

2. Remove and replace the air filter according to the situation.

3. Check and tighten the bolts and nuts of the cylinder head, intake and exhaust manifolds, and muffler, and check the fixing condition of the diesel engine, as well as the connection and fastening of the flywheel housing and cylinder block.

4. Clean the diesel filter, or replace the diesel filter, and check for oil leakage in the pipes and joints.

5. Clean the coarse and fine oil filters (replace the fine filter element), and replace the oil. Clean the oil pump and oil filter, and add the corresponding new oil to the specified oil level according to regulations.

6. Inspect the oil seal and crankshaft rear bearing for oil leakage.

7. Inspect, clean, and lubricate the generator. Check the regulator, test its performance, and adjust the tightness of the transmission belt.

8. Check the fixing condition of the radiator and cover, the working condition of the water pump, whether there is any leakage, and replace the coolant if necessary.

9. Perform maintenance every six months (with appropriate adjustments depending on the specific situation), and if necessary, perform preventive inspections on the disassembly of the diesel engine to eliminate hidden dangers.

After the above maintenance, the diesel engine of the diesel generator set should be easy to start, operate smoothly, the coolant temperature and oil pressure should meet the requirements, the speed should be stable, there should be no abnormal noise, the tension of each transmission belt should be moderate, and there should be no three leaks (water, oil, electricity).

The correct maintenance and inspection of diesel generator sets is very important, and correct inspection and maintenance require personnel with professional knowledge and rich experience to implement. In general, it is difficult for non professionals to detect small traces. If the equipment is found to be unable to operate only when it is necessary to start the unit in an emergency situation, it is usually necessary to go through the relevant repair reporting, maintenance personnel arriving at the site to determine the fault, determine the repair plan, and other processes. From the beginning of purchasing parts for repair to the end, at least 10 days or half a month has passed, and the losses caused by this point are irreparable. Therefore, it is correct for professional personnel to carry out professional maintenance and inspection of the diesel generator set.

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