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Safety Regulations of Volvo TAD734GE Engine

Oct. 18, 2019


This installation manual contains the necessary information for installing and performing a functional check of the EMS 2 system (electronic control of the injection system).

Read the instructions carefully before starting the installation. If the installation is performed in an incorrect manner, it may cause personal injury or damage property and the mechanic.

Ask your Volvo Penta dealer for help if there is anything in this instruction manual that you do not understand or are uncertain about.

Installation of Volvo Industrial Engines

This instruction manual is intended only for professional use.

This Installation Manual is intended to be used together with the relevant Operators Manual for the Engine. Volvo Penta take no responsibility for damage to persons or property that may occur as a result of not following the installation guide lines, or for work carried out by non-professional personnel.

The fitter is responsible for ensuring that the system functions in accordance with these installation instructions.

It is not permitted to make alterations to the cable harness delivered with the engine.

Volvo TAD734GE Engine.jpg

Volvo Power Generation TAD734GE Engine


The following special warning symbols can be found in this manual and on the engine.

WARNING! Warns for the risk of personal injury, damage to property, or that a mechanical fault may occur if the instructions are not followed.

IMPORTANT! Used to draw your attention to something that can cause damage or malfunctions of the product or material damage.

NOTE: Used to draw your attention to important information that will facilitate the work or operation in progress.

Below, there is a summary of the risks and safety measures that you must follow or perform when you install and calibrate the EMS 2 system.

The EMS system’s connectors must be disconnected before electric welding is performed. Disconnect the engine from the system voltage by shutting off the main switch.

Disconnect the connectors from the control unit. Reconnect the connectors to the EMS 2 control unit once the welding is completed and the welding equipment has been removed.

Be careful, be aware of the engine’s moving parts during the functional check and when running the engine. There is a risk for personal injury when approaching a running engine. Remember that loose clothing and long hair can fasten in rotating parts and cause serious injury.

Never work on an engine that is hanging from lifting gear (a crane or similar).

The engine shall not be operated in areas where there are explosive materials or gases.

Only start the engine if the ventilation is satisfactory. If the engine is operated in an enclosed area, you must ensure that there is sufficient ventilation to remove the exhaust gases and crankcase fumes from the workplace.

The battery box shall never be exposed to open flames or electrical sparks. Never smoke close to the batteries. The batteries generate hydro-gen gas during charging, which can mix with air and form an explosive mixture. This gas is highly inflammable and explosive. Incorrect connection of the batteries can cause sparks that in turn can ignite an explosion with resulting dam-age. Do not change the battery connections when you try to start the engine (risk for sparks) and do not lean over the batteries. Refer to the instructions in the engine operators manual.

Make sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) battery cables are correctly connected to the corresponding battery terminals. You can cause serious damage to the electrical equipment if the cables are mixed up. Refer to the wiring diagram in the engine operators manual.

Always wear eye protection when you charge or handle the batteries. The battery electrolyte contains sulphuric acid which is highly corrosive. If the electrolyte comes into contact with bare skin, wash immediately with large quantities of clean water and soap. Then seek medical attention. If you get battery electrolyte in your eyes, immediately shower (preferably with an eye shower) with large quantities of clean water. Then seek immediate medical attention.

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