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Ricardo Diesel Generator Set PT Injector Plunger Seating Pressure

Apr. 26, 2023

After the plunger cone of the Ricardo diesel generator set injector occupies the entire metering chamber at the end of injection, the plunger of the Ricardo diesel generator set will continue to descend for a certain distance to apply a certain pressure to the nozzle head, so as to press out all the residual fuel between the plunger and the conical seating surface. This pressure is called PT injector plunger seating pressure. This pressure cannot be too high or too low. Excessive deformation of the fuel injector driving mechanism, and even damage to the nozzle of the fuel injector; If it is too small, there will be residual fuel between the plunger and the conical seat, which will burn and produce carbon deposits, causing the nozzle to overheat and even fall off.

ricardo diesel generator

For reassembled diesel engines, this seating pressure should be readjusted. For diesel engines that have been in use for a period of time (usually around 2000 hours), due to wear and other factors, the original correct pressure can be damaged, so adjustments should also be made in a timely manner.

When adjusting the plunger seating pressure of Ricardo diesel generator set, cold adjustment is generally carried out first, followed by hot adjustment. Cold adjustment is carried out when the coolant temperature of Ricardo diesel generator set diesel engine is below 60 ℃. The thermal adjustment shall be carried out when the temperature of the diesel oil bottom shell of Ricardo diesel generator set is 88 ℃ and the coolant temperature is above 85 ℃. The "thermal adjustment" data is used for the adjustment of Ricardo diesel generator set diesel engine during the dynamometer test. At this time, the adjustment work must be rapid. The adjustment methods of Ricardo diesel generator set injector seating pressure include the instrument method and the torque method.

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