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Residual Voltage Excitation Principle of Volvo Generator Set

Nov. 10, 2022

The switching control diode rectifier type residual voltage excitation switch of Volvo generator sets controls the diode rectifier type residual voltage excitation switch. Its working principle is simple. You only need to put K1 (see) into operation when Volvo generator sets are excited, and K1 is put into operation and cut off by the automatic excitation control mechanism. The switching off condition can be the combination of generator terminal voltage (such as 30% generator terminal voltage) or excitation time limit (such as 5s).

volvo diesel generator

Although the principle of diode rectifier type residual voltage excitation is simple, it has the following disadvantages: additional main circuit control devices need to be added, such as diode rectifier bridge V1 and contactors Q1 and Q2. With the increase of unit capacity, the excitation current will become larger, and the specifications of main circuit diodes and contactors will increase. The installation location of the equipment needs to be considered, which increases the cost of the equipment.

Due to the addition of residual voltage excitation circuits (V1, Q1, Q2) and control circuits, the reliability of the entire excitation device is reduced. Therefore, diode rectifier type residual voltage excitation is gradually replaced by thyristor controlled residual voltage excitation.

The principle of the main circuit of the thyristor controlled residual voltage excitation thyristor controlled residual voltage excitation in Volvo generator sets is actually the main circuit of the self shunt excitation of Volvo generator sets, without additional equipment.

Therefore, compared with diode rectifier type residual voltage excitation, it has the characteristics of simple wiring and cost saving, and is more and more widely used in self shunt excitation system.

The principle can be described as follows: after Volvo generator set has excitation conditions, it will idle to close to the rated speed. Due to the existence of rotor remanence, residual voltage will be induced at the generator end. When the residual voltage is greater than the rotor circuit voltage drop, the residual voltage excitation signal is sent, that is, the continuous trigger pulse is sent to the thyristor to make the thyristor conductive, and the residual voltage is used to supply power to the rotor of Volvo generator set for magnetizing, so as to achieve the purpose of residual voltage excitation. When the voltage of Volvo generator set rises to the residual voltage excitation exit setting value, the residual voltage excitation function will be automatically removed and normal excitation regulation will be restored.

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