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Requirements for Real Estate Fire Diesel Generator

Feb. 22, 2023

With the use of electricity playing an indispensable role in people's life and the continuous strengthening of fire prevention awareness, people pay more and more attention to fire safety. For the personal and property safety of the house, the real estate building must be equipped with fire standby diesel generator. In order to prevent the local power supply conditions from meeting the power supply reliability requirements of the primary and secondary fire loads in the community, the fire standby diesel generator must be set to meet the basic power supply requirements.

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The standby fire diesel generator can be started in case of mains power failure in the community. Emergency shelters are planned and built in real estate residential areas, equipped with diesel generators. When an emergency occurs in the real estate development building (such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, etc.), the fire standby diesel generator plays an important role in replacing the paralyzed power supply system.

Therefore, real estate developers generally take a long-term view of the diesel generator in emergency shelters. What are the differences between the diesel generator as the standby power supply for fire emergency and the ordinary standby diesel generator.

The fire standby diesel generator must be equipped with automatic and automatic switching functions. When the mains power is cut off under special circumstances, the fire standby diesel generator must be started immediately within 30 seconds (adjustable) to generate power and switch on. When the mains power is restored to normal power supply, the diesel generator shall also stop generating electricity and switch off within 30 seconds (adjustable), so that the mains power can be supplied normally. When it is difficult to use automatic starting, manual starting device can be used.

The fire standby diesel generator is mainly equipped with fire pump; In order to ensure that the fire pump can start normally in case of an emergency, a high-power diesel generator is usually configured. Generally, the power of the diesel generator is three to four times larger than that of the fire pump. It is better to choose the diesel generator produced by a regular diesel generator manufacturer as the fire standby diesel generator, so as to ensure that it becomes a real fire emergency diesel generator.

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