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Repair Methods for Valve Spring of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 11, 2023

Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce you to the repair of valve springs for diesel generator sets. There are two commonly used methods: cold method and heat treatment method.

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1. Cold working method. Place the spring on a circular shaft (the outer diameter of the circular shaft should match the inner diameter of the spring), and then clamp one end of the diesel generator set spring together with the circular shaft onto the lathe chuck. Fix a moving rod on the tool holder of the lathe. File a groove slightly larger than the diameter of the spring steel wire at the head of the moving rod to insert the spring into the groove. Use the tool holder to press it tightly, and slowly rotate the chuck every revolution, The moving distance of the moving rod should be 1-2 mm larger than the spring coil distance.

While rotating the spring of the diesel generating set, gently and continuously cover the spring with a small hammer to harden the metal surface of the spring, thereby increasing its elasticity. The spring of a diesel generator set repaired using this method has a relatively short service time, so it should only be used as a last resort. Generally speaking, it is better to replace the spring with a new one.

2. Heat treatment method. Place the valve spring of the diesel genset in a thick iron box filled with cast iron filings around it (cast iron filings can prevent oxidation of the spring surface), heat it in the furnace to about 925 ℃, hold it for about 1 hour, take out the iron box, cool it in air, and then take out the valve spring and cover it on the mandrel of the repair fixture, and install it together with the mandrel into the cabinet frame of the fixture.

The cabinet frame is made of 6mm thick cast iron plate and cut into grooves according to the pitch of the new valve spring of the diesel generator set. Press the spindle covered with the valve spring of the diesel generator set into the groove, then heat the valve spring of the diesel generator set together with the clamp to about 810 ℃, and then heat the oil to 310 ℃ before cooling in the air. At this time, the hardness should be RC41-42.

The above two methods are the repair methods for valve springs of diesel generator sets introduced by Starlight Power Generation Equipment. If you need to repair the valve springs of diesel generator sets after inspection, you can compare the above methods to ensure the normal operation of diesel generator sets.

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