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Remove Moisture from Cummins Diesel Generator with Lubricating Grease

Sep. 12, 2023

As we all know, lubricating grease is the raw material for the control board of Cummins diesel generators. The vast majority of Cummins diesel generators have high quality requirements for lubricating grease. If water seeps into the Cummins diesel generator, it can cause it to not function properly, but it can also cause common faults and industrial equipment problems such as internal short circuits in Cummins diesel generators. So, how to remove water from Cummins diesel generator lubricating grease? Next, we will briefly introduce it to you.

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Consumers can put lubricating grease in a test tube to raise the temperature. If the lubricating grease produces a slight sound of water and small bubbles can be observed, it indicates that there is water in the lubricating grease. At this point, the problem can be solved by using the different boiling points of the lubricating grease and water. Continuously raising the temperature until the hot bubbles disappear, and the water is completely repaired. Then, the car gasoline can be cooled to room temperature and applied again.

If the lubricating grease has already appeared emulsion, 1% to 3% of the total weight of engine oil (petroleum carbonate) can be added to the lubricating grease as a desulfurization catalyst, mixed while adding, and then the lubricating grease is heated for a period of time, and finally left to wait for water and white edge to fill the liquid level. Completely remove water from the lubricating grease.

Able to use laboratory instruments to remove water from the Cummins diesel generator, pour lubricating grease that has already been emulsified into an annular heating tube, and personally experience the termination of heating in the annular tube with saturated water vapor. In addition, gas is introduced into the laboratory instrument to promote the evaporation of water in the lubricating grease. Then perform refrigeration on the lubricating grease to solve the problem, so that the lubricating grease can be used normally.

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