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The Importance Regular Maintenance of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 23, 2021

Volvo diesel generator sets are a kind of and commonly used backup power source. In actual conditions, a number of data show that strengthening the daily maintenance of the machine is a cost-effective way to keep the machine. If the machine is not used for a long time or is in a static state for a long time, the various materials of the unit itself will undergo complex chemical and physical changes with the oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc., which will "stop the unit".

Most of the time, the unit is in standby mode. Once the power fails, the unit is required to "start in an emergency and supply power in an emergency". This is also the important meaning of regular maintenance of the machine. What needs to be done when maintaining Volvo diesel generator sets? Let's take a look.

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1. Inspection and maintenance of the starting battery failure of the unit

Because the battery lacks maintenance for a long time, it will happen that the electrolyte moisture cannot be replenished in time after volatilization, and the battery charger is not equipped to start the battery. After the battery is discharged for a long time, the power will be reduced, or the charger used needs to be manually charged regularly. Floating charge switching, due to negligence and failure to perform the switching operation, the battery power does not meet the requirements. To solve this problem, in addition to the configuration of a high-quality charger, necessary inspection and maintenance are necessary.

2. Maintenance of water entering the diesel engine

As the water vapor in the air condenses due to changes in temperature, it forms water droplets that hang on the inner wall of the fuel tank and flow into the diesel fuel, causing the water content of the diesel fuel to exceed the standard. Such diesel fuel enters the engine high-pressure oil pump and will rust the precision coupling-the plunger. Serious damage to the unit can be avoided by regular maintenance.

3. Oil retention period (two years)

Diesel engine oil is mechanical lubrication, and the oil also has a certain retention period, long-term storage, the physical and chemical properties of the oil will change, causing the deterioration of the lubrication condition of the unit when it is working, and it is easy to cause damage to the unit parts, so the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly .

4. The replacement cycle of the three filters (diesel filter, machine filter, air filter)

The filter plays a role in filtering diesel, engine oil or air to prevent impurities from entering the engine body. Oil dirt and impurities are also inevitable in the diesel oil. Therefore, the filter plays an important role in the operation of the unit. But at the same time, these oil or impurities are deposited on the wall of the filter screen, which reduces the filtering capacity of the filter. If the deposit is too much, the oil circuit will not be unblocked. In this way, the oil machine will be shocked due to the lack of oil supply when the engine is running (like a human Hypoxia), so during the use of normal Volvo diesel generator sets, we recommend: first, replace the three filters every 500 hours for the commonly used generator sets; second, replace the three filters every two years for the standby generator sets.

No matter how good the machine is, in the actual use process, we must pay attention to the correct operation and maintenance work. The same is true for Volvo diesel generator sets. The daily maintenance work of the machine can be divided into inspection preparation before starting, correct use and cleaning after use, regular inspection and maintenance, replacement of spare parts, etc. Regular maintenance is an important prerequisite to ensure that Volvo diesel generator sets can start normally when in use.

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