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Reduce the Wear of Volvo Diesel Generator Parts

Feb. 28, 2023

Minimizing the wear of Volvo diesel generator parts is actually a way to prolong the average life of Volvo diesel generator. Star Power will give you a detailed description of how to prevent the wear of Volvo diesel generator parts.

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The quality of fuel oil and engine oil of Volvo diesel generator should match: if the diesel contains sulfur or other impurity residues, it will cause acids and other corrosive components in the combustion process, and accelerate the wear of the cylinder; There are too many heavy fractions in diesel fuel, which is easy to generate carbon deposits after combustion, causing abrasive wear of piston rings and cylinders; The viscosity of diesel fuel will interfere with the gas mixture generation and the working stability of fuel supply facilities.

For engine oil, viscosity and oxidation resistance are the main interference factors. The operation should be scientifically and reasonably determined according to the working requirements of Volvo diesel generator. Do not abuse it. The test shows that the friction of Volvo diesel generator increases with the increase of rotating speed and load.

As the standard pressure difference on the friction surface increases when the load is lifted, the thermal phenomenon is not good. When the rotating speed is increased, the frequency of friction per unit time is increased by half, and under the same working power, the wear degree of the rotating speed increase is greater than that of the load increase.

However, the low rotation speed can not meet the requirements of better liquid lubrication, and also improve the wear degree. Therefore, for the corresponding Volvo diesel generator, there is a more suitable working rotation speed range.

In addition, when the Volvo diesel generator often accelerates, decelerates, shuts down, starts up and starts up and other unstable work, in view of the repeated changes in the rotating speed and load, the Volvo diesel generator has poor lubrication requirements, and the thermal phenomenon is unstable, and the wear degree will become greater. Especially when starting up, the crankshaft rotation speed is low, the oil supply of the oil pump is not on time, the refilling temperature is low, the oil viscosity is high, it is difficult to establish liquid lubrication on the friction surface, and the wear degree is very serious.

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