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Reduce The Failure Rate of The Silent Generator Sets Oil Mist Protect System

Aug. 09, 2021

In order to reduce the incidence of sudden accidents, mostly silent generator sets are equipped with a safety automatic protection system, and an oil mist protection system is one of them. The so-called oil mist protection system is to detect whether the silent generator set has excessive air leakage and other faults that generate oil mist in the crankcase.

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It should be noted that the oil mist protection system itself may also have some faults. Although these faults will not cause tripping, they will cause the silent generator set to lose the necessary protection, which is not conducive to the safe operation of the equipment. Therefore, Starlight today uses a silent generator set as an example to teach you how to reduce the failure rate of its oil mist protection system.

1. The maintenance personnel of the silent generator set should do regular maintenance, regularly replace the air filter, the decompression air filter, drain the water from the condenser tube, clean the oil from the valve box, clean the infrared probe with alcohol, and purge the sampling tube with compressed air , Oil circuit, gas circuit, and do the necessary alarm test and high oil mist protection action (the easiest way is to blow a cigarette smoke from the entrance of the sampling pipe) test.

2. When the silent generator set is running, the operator should carefully monitor the bearing temperature, lubricating oil temperature and other relevant parameters, and regularly observe the working condition of the silent generator set oil mist detector, the indication of the oil mist concentration, and the U-shape difference of the crankcase. The difference of the pressure gauge, whether there is smoke from the crankcase ventilation device, whether the crankcase explosion-proof door is hot, whether there is an alarm for the high pressure difference of the crankcase, etc. If high oil mist trip occurs, record the concentration value, the flop of the valve box, the differential value of the crankcase differential pressure gauge, whether there is any abnormality in the bearing temperature, and the indications of the indicator lights of the oil mist detector, etc. as soon as possible.

The oil mist detector is an important protection component of the oil mist protection system of a quiet generator set, and it is a high-precision component. Due to the high working temperature of the silent generator set and vibration during operation, it will accelerate the aging of the oil mist detector. Maintenance personnel should strengthen the maintenance of the oil mist detector in daily maintenance work.

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