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Reasons for Wiring Problems Inside The Air Switch of Cummins generator

Apr. 17, 2023

The Cummins generator air switch is used to shut down the generator. First, turn off the air switch and then turn off the excitation button, gradually reducing the speed of the Cummins generator set. When the current is too high, it will automatically disconnect the load to prevent accidents such as electric shock. If there is a wiring problem inside the Cummins generator air switch, the cause of the problem should be promptly identified.

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1. Cummins generator generates electricity, but after the air switch is closed, the electrical equipment has no voltage indication

Fault analysis:

There are many reasons that cause the Cummins generator to have no output voltage. Firstly, the generator itself generates electricity, but after the air switch is closed, there is no voltage display on the electricity unit, and the Cummins generator itself continues to generate electricity. This type of fault is usually caused by incorrect wiring.

Fault cause:

(1) There is an open circuit in the output circuit.

(2) There is a fault in the distribution box of the electrical equipment.

(3) The internal wiring of the Cummins generator air switch is incorrect or has poor contact.

Troubleshooting method:

(1) Using a multimeter to test the AC voltage range of the generator for output voltage, it is found that there is no output voltage, indicating that the fault is in the control box inside the generator.

(2) After disconnecting the air switch of the Cummins generator control box, measurements were taken and it was found that there was an output voltage. During the inspection of the air switch, no abnormalities were found. During the inspection of the wiring from the three-phase electrical output of the inactive generator to the air switch, it was found that this section of wire was connected to the "close" position of the air switch, while the wiring to the power unit was connected to the "open" position. After the wiring of the air switch is replaced, the fault is eliminated.

2. After the diesel engine was started to the rated speed, the Cummins generator generated electricity, but the voltage disappeared within 5 seconds. After a while, the fault analysis of voltage building began again:

This is an automatic voltage regulation device that uses the principle of phase compound excitation automatic voltage regulation to control the generator set. The above faults can generally be attributed to poor contact between the Cummins generator and the control cabinet.

Fault cause:

(1) Poor contact between the exciter slip ring and the carbon brush.

(2) Other wiring has poor contact, causing the Cummins generator to generate electricity abnormally.

Troubleshooting method:

(1) From simplicity to complexity, first check for poor contact between the carbon brush and the slip ring, and no abnormalities were found:

(2) Using a screwdriver, open the control box composed of a reactor and a diode, and inspect each wiring. It was found that there is a virtual connection between an excitation wire and a solder joint at the junction of the - electrode tube. After re welding, the inactive generator resumed normal power generation and the fault was eliminated.

The above is a summary by Starlight for users about the reasons for wiring problems inside the Cummins generator air switch. We hope that users can pay special attention. In addition, in order to better utilize the efficiency of the generator, Starlight suggests that users should use the generator correctly and be able to regularly maintain and maintain it.

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