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Reasons for Volvo Diesel Generator Set Shutdown Failure

Aug. 13, 2021

What do you think is the reason for the failure of the Volvo diesel generator set to stop? First, the shutdown solenoid valve is out of control. There are two reasons that cause the Volvo diesel generator set to stop solenoid valve out of control. One situation is that there is a problem with the line that controls the Volvo diesel generator set. The working load of the unit is relatively high. It is normal for the internal wires to be burned or other faults occur. If the line is connected to the shutdown solenoid valve, it will cause the solenoid valve to lose control. Another situation is that the shut down solenoid valve itself is damaged due to its quality problems, so the solenoid valve is definitely effective.

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There may be a governor failure, and a mechanical governor failure is one of the common failures of Volvo diesel generator sets. The governor plays a function in the work of Volvo diesel generator sets in three points. One is high-speed control. Using the throttling effect of the oil outlet, the fuel supply pressure drops sharply and the fuel injection rate decreases rapidly, thereby limiting Volvo diesel power generation. The unit is overspeed; the second is speed correction, which can relieve the fuel pressure as needed when the Volvo diesel generator set is running at high or low speed, thereby adjusting the speed. The third is the idle speed control, which can play a function to increase the cross-sectional area of the idle oil passage and increase the fuel injection volume correspondingly, so that the speed of the Volvo diesel generator set will rise. It can be seen that the work of the governor is still very heavy, and it is inevitable that failures occur when these three functions are exerted. It is also possible that the control instrument of the diesel engine fails. The control instrument is a part of the control of Volvo diesel generator set. If the control instrument fails, its operation will be affected and continue to rotate, which cannot be controlled manually.

Of course, fuel and air filters are blocked. The fuel or air filters are blocked, causing fuel to be consumed in abnormal situations. Therefore, when we shut down the Volvo diesel generator set due to consumption, the fuel of the Volvo diesel generator set is still there. Outflow, Volvo diesel generator sets will continue to operate for a period of time. The shutdown solenoid valve protects the shutdown action. After the shutdown action is made, it is set to protect the Volvo diesel generator set from failure due to sudden shutdown. It is a buffering effect.

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