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Reasons for Reverse Blowby in the Intake Pipe of Diesel Generators

Jan. 03, 2024

The intake pipe of a diesel generator refers to the gas required for combustion in the diesel generator set, which is introduced into the internal air pipe of the unit. The intake pipe must ensure sufficient flow area, avoid turning and sudden changes in cross-section, improve the smoothness of the pipeline surface, etc., to reduce resistance.

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The intake pipe is one of the most distinctive structural components between electronic fuel injection diesel engines and carburetor engines. Due to the fact that only air flows through the intake pipe of an electronic fuel injection diesel engine, the dynamic effects (inertia and fluctuation effects) of the intake pipe should be fully considered in the design of the intake pipe structure to improve inflation efficiency. In addition, intake uniformity should also be considered. The purpose of the intake pipe of a diesel generator is to deliver clean air to the cylinder, therefore, under normal circumstances, there will be no blowing or smoking phenomenon.

If there is blowby or smoke in the intake pipe of a diesel generator, it is mainly caused by the following factors:

1. The intake valve is not tightly sealed, and there is burning or falling of the valve head.

2. Loose or burnt intake valve seat ring.

3. Cracks may appear between the cylinder head exhaust duct and the intake duct.

4. The valve clearance of the intake valve is incorrect or the elasticity of the valve spring is insufficient.

5. Improper adjustment of the single cylinder engine caused the diesel generator to reverse.

Dingbo Warm Reminder: If there is gas leakage in the intake pipe of a diesel generator, it should be stopped for inspection first. Before identifying the cause and troubleshooting, try not to let the diesel engine work under load as much as possible to avoid larger faults.

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