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Reasons for Power Reduction of Diesel Generator Set Motors During Use

Oct. 12, 2023

Do you know what causes a decrease in power when using a diesel generator set? Any diesel generator set will encounter problems during use, especially as time goes on. It is necessary to do all maintenance work well in order to keep the generator set full of vitality at all times. We need to solve various problems with the use of diesel generator sets for customers, including the phenomenon of reduced power of diesel generator sets. Below, we will discuss the reasons for this phenomenon. The valve clearance is incorrect. Adjusting the valve clearance results in poor fuel quality, draining the fuel in the tank, replacing the fuel filter, and adding high-quality fuel to the tank. Low fuel pressure, check if there is any fuel in the fuel tank.

diesel generator set

Check for leaks or dented bends in the fuel supply pipeline between the fuel tank and the fuel transfer pump, check for air entering the fuel system, and check for stuck, stuck, or ineffective fuel control valves. Check the fuel pressure. When the engine is running at full load, the minimum outlet pressure of the fuel transfer pump should be 415kPa. If the fuel pressure is lower than the above pressure, the fuel filter element should be replaced. When the oil pressure is still low, it is necessary to check that the fuel power setting is too low. Adjust the engine power according to the technical specifications of the engine brand. Check the turbocharger for carbon buildup, repair if necessary, and check the intake manifold pressure. Check if the air filter is blocked or if the air filter is blocked.

The solution to insufficient output power of diesel generator sets is to connect a three-phase voltage regulator between the generator and the excitation reactor to increase the generator terminal voltage and gradually increase the magnetic potential of the excitation device; By changing the phase between the excitation device voltage magnetic flux potential and the generator terminal voltage, the synthesized total magnetic flux potential can be increased, and a resistance of thousands of ohms and 10W can be connected in parallel at both ends of each phase winding of the reactor; Reducing the resistance value of the rheostat increases the excitation current of the generator. The reasons and solutions for the power reduction of diesel generator sets mentioned above are summarized by the staff during long-term maintenance and repair. We hope to be helpful to those who are using diesel generator sets.

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