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Reasons for Oil Leakage of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 06, 2021

Do you think why the diesel generator set oil is leaking? First of all, it is the oil leakage of the static joint surface. If the oil pressure is too high, it will also cause the oil leakage of the static joint surface. The use of sealant adhesive can play the function of sealing, preventing leakage, tightening and blocking the gap, and achieve the purpose of preventing oil leakage. The quality of purchased or self-made paper pads does not meet the requirements, such as insufficient thickness or storage, improper wrinkles and deformation, or careless cleaning of dust and impurities during assembly, these are the reasons for oil leakage. The quality of the static joint surface itself is mainly determined by the accuracy of the processing equipment itself and the storage and transportation conditions. If the accuracy of the equipment is high, the flatness and roughness of the static joint surface can meet the design requirements of the drawing, and attention should be paid to prevent bumps during storage and transportation. It is not difficult to achieve a complete seal of the static joint surface.

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However, due to the low equipment accuracy and technological level of some diesel generator manufacturer, the storage and transportation conditions and management level cannot completely guarantee no bumps and scratches. During maintenance, the operation technology is not good, and self-repair is the main focus. Since the level of repair technology cannot keep up, there are many problems in self-repair, which may cause deformation or even damage to the parts and cause oil leakage. At present, the general disassembly method uses the main bearing housing cover to install bolts, screw them into the diagonal dismounting screw holes on the main bearing housing cover, and eject the main bearing housing cover. It is difficult to synchronize the progress of the two bolts during the disassembly and assembly process. The main reason for the deformation of the main bearing housing cover. Secondly, the reason for oil leakage on the moving contact surface. The sealing of the moving contact surface is mainly the function of the oil seal. The quality of the oil seal itself directly affects the quality of the oil seal. Therefore, the oil seal rubber lip edge must be strictly inspected during installation, and no defects such as incompleteness, aging, or cuts are allowed.

The focus point when hitting the oil seal should be evenly applied at the shoulder with the skeleton near the outer diameter to ensure the assembly quality. The matching size of the shaft and the oil seal will affect the sealing performance of the oil seal. If the size of the shaft is too large, although the sealing performance can be ensured, it is easy to cause early wear of the oil seal and greatly shorten the service life. When the diesel engine is running, the high-speed rotating shaft and stationary The oil seal of the oil seal is in contact from time to time, resulting in friction, and the speed of wear is closely related to the surface roughness, hardness, and eccentricity of the oil seal on the shaft.

Therefore, the surface roughness of the journal where the oil seal is installed is required to be 1.6~1.4, and the hardness is HRC4560. The eccentricity of the shaft sealing surface is generally not greater than 0.025mm. As the speed increases, the allowable eccentricity should be reduced, otherwise leakage will easily occur. Oil. When installing the oil seal, you must pay attention to the installation method, otherwise it is easy to cause the center line of the oil seal and the center line of the shaft to not overlap, or damage the oil seal, resulting in oil leakage. Therefore, when installing the oil seal, try to adjust the seal seat to keep the bearing and rotating shaft concentric, which requires consideration in installation tools and methods. When installing the oil seal, you must pay attention to cleaning and keep the oil circuit unblocked, which is an important measure to prevent oil leakage.

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