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Reasons for Low No Load Voltage of Diesel Generators

Nov. 03, 2023

The diesel generator is a Sino foreign joint venture brand unit with excellent performance, but even the best machinery can sometimes malfunction. For example, if the no-load voltage is too low, at this time, users should find the cause of the fault and implement solutions based on different reasons.

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There are generally several reasons for the low no-load voltage of diesel generators, and the following are explanations for each reason:

The excitation winding of the main generator of a diesel generator is severely short circuited, and the excitation winding current of the exciter is high. At this point, the excitation winding of the main generator of the unit experienced severe heating and increased vibration. The DC resistance of the excitation winding was much lower than normal, and the short-circuit coil must be replaced.

The excitation winding of the diesel generator exciter is disconnected. At this time, the resistance of the excitation winding of the exciter should be infinite, and it is necessary to replace the broken coil or connect the coil circuit in a timely manner. Diesel generator automatic voltage regulator malfunction. At this point, it is necessary to measure whether the output DC current value of the automatic voltage regulator is equal to the factory no-load characteristics of the generator at the rated speed, and repair the automatic voltage regulator.

At the same time, we will also introduce how to deal with the noise of automated generator sets. Air inlet and exhaust noise reduction: soundproof walls will be installed in the air inlet and exhaust channels of the computer room, and soundproof panels will be installed in the air inlet and exhaust channels. There is a distance within the channel for buffering, which can reduce the intensity of sound source radiation from the inside out of the computer room.

Control mechanical noise: Install high sound absorption and insulation materials on the top and surrounding walls of the computer room, mainly used to eliminate indoor reverberation, reduce sound energy density and reflection intensity in the computer room. To prevent noise from radiating outwards through the main entrance, a fire-resistant soundproof iron door is installed.

Control smoke exhaust noise: The smoke exhaust system is equipped with a specially designed second level muffler on top of the original first level muffler, which can ensure effective control of smoke exhaust noise of the generator set. If the length of the smoke exhaust pipe exceeds 10 meters, the pipe diameter should be increased to reduce the exhaust back pressure of the generator set. The above treatment can improve the noise and back pressure of the generator set. Through noise reduction treatment, the noise of the generator set in the machine room can meet the user's requirements outdoors.

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