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Reasons for Doping Diesel in Diesel Generator Set Oil

Jun. 09, 2022

During the use of diesel generator sets, sometimes there is a situation where diesel oil is mixed with diesel oil. There are generally three common faults when there is diesel oil in the oil. Next, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will briefly introduce the reasons why the engine oil is mixed with diesel oil:

generator maintenance

1. The oil pump membrane of the diesel generator set is rotted or degummed, so that the diesel oil enters the oil pan and mixes with the oil. Remove the pump and apply 3 kg/cm pressure to the inlet and outlet piping on the pump test stand. If no diesel leaks are found, the pump is done.

2. The opening pressure of the injector is low and the atomization is poor, which causes the diesel oil to flow into the oil pan and oil along the cylinder wall. The fuel injector was disassembled and tested on the high pressure fuel pump test bench. If the injection pressure of the injector meets the requirements and the atomization is good, the injector is in good condition, otherwise it will be repaired or replaced.

3. Oil leaks in the oil circuit at the front end of the fuel injection pump, that is, the oil seal at the front end of the fuel injection pump fails. Remove the gearbox cover and inspect the holes. If a large amount of diesel is injected from the rear of the fuel injection pump drive gear, it can be concluded that the diesel is leaked by the fuel injection pump into the oil pan and mixed with the oil. When disassembling the fuel injection pump on the high-pressure pump test bench, it was found that the oil seals of the front gear journals of many fuel injection pumps were deformed, and a large amount of diesel oil leaked. The aluminum and oil seal were deformed, causing diesel leakage, and finally the oil injection pump was replaced and completely cured. The fault shows that the M8 screw used for disassembling the fuel injection pump is not easy to be too long, preferably below 60mm, otherwise the oil seal at the front end of the high-pressure fuel pump will be damaged, and the high-pressure fuel pump will also be damaged.

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