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Reasons for Diesel Oil Mixing into Water Tank of Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 28, 2023

When the diesel engine of the diesel generator set stops working, diesel oil flows out from the overflow hole of the water tank. When the water tank cover is opened, about 10L diesel oil flows out. During the operation of the diesel engine, the oil level in the oil pan keeps rising, the viscosity of the oil decreases, and the pressure decreases, so the oil is replaced almost every week. High water temperature of diesel engine; Unable to work. The reason for failure is:

diesel generator container

The cylinder head has air holes or cracks. In the diesel PT fuel pump oil supply system of the diesel generator set, the diesel channel is on the cylinder head, and there are oil, water and diesel channels. During operation, the diesel pressure in the diesel channel on the cylinder head is 0.8~1.2 MPa, the pressure of water is less than 0.6 MPa, and the pressure of diesel is higher than that of water. Once the cylinder head of the diesel generator set has air holes, sand holes or cracks, the water passage will be connected with the diesel passage, and the diesel will enter the water passage.

There are many sand holes around the fuel injector during the overhaul of diesel generator set. Since the diesel pressure is greater than the water pressure when the engine is working, the water cannot flow into the diesel channel around the fuel injector, so the diesel enters the water tank. The top of the push rod of cylinder II injector is broken, and the push rod of cylinder V injector is bent, resulting in the change of the lift of the push rod of cylinder II and V, and the inaccurate fuel supply, resulting in the incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and the flow into the oil pan. In addition, after the oil outlet pipe on the PT pump cut-off valve was removed, it was found that diesel oil still flowed out of the cut-off valve. Diesel oil will not seep out after cleaning the valve core; At the same time, after replacing the cylinder head and push rod, the fault phenomenon can be eliminated.

Insufficient power of diesel generator set is one of the typical faults of the set. There are many factors affecting the power of diesel generator set, such as intake and exhaust system, fuel system, mechanical system, etc., which may lead to insufficient power of diesel generator set.

The technical status of the supercharger of diesel generator sets is directly related to the charging efficiency. Generally, the technical condition of the supercharger can be judged by checking the axial clearance and radial clearance of the supercharger. Excessive axial and radial clearance of the supercharger will destroy the balance of the supercharger in operation and reduce the speed of the supercharger. If the supercharger exhaust valve is mechanically jammed, the supercharger power will also be reduced.

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