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Reasons for Cylinder Explosion of Diesel Generator Sets in Winter

Dec. 06, 2021

When we use diesel generator sets in winter, due to the low outdoor temperature, the overall temperature of diesel generator sets will be very high after long-term operation. If it is not used correctly at this time, it will cause the diesel generator set to burst. There are many reasons for the cylinder explosion of a diesel generator set. At this time, we can only know how to resolve the cause of the cylinder explosion at this time.

Due to the high temperature, the piston expands and gets stuck in the cylinder, causing the engine to be scrapped. In severe cases, because the pressure is too high and the piston is unable to move, a thick flame will be sprayed, which is what we often say about engine explosion.

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1. Reasons for cylinder explosion of diesel generator set

(1) Defects in design

In fact, the main reason for the occurrence of cylinder explosion is the quality problem. It is a design defect problem, which makes the temperature of the diesel generator set engine exceed the temperature that the engine can withstand, causing the engine to explode.

(2) The quality and operation of the oil

In addition to design defects, the cylinder explosion caused by diesel generator sets is also related to the quality and operation of the oil. Poor quality of the engine oil or poor operation of the engine oil causes insufficient lubrication, leading to serious heat dissipation problems, which can also cause engine cylinder explosion.

(3) The adjustment of the intake and exhaust system of the diesel generator set and the ignition timing is not accurate

The inaccurate adjustment of the engine's intake and exhaust system and the ignition time caused a time error, which is also a cause of engine explosion.

(4) The engine load is too high

Another reason is due to the excessive use of diesel generator set engines. Excessive use of the engine will cause the engine to be overloaded, which will cause the phenomenon of so-called cylinder explosion or cylinder shrinkage.

(5) Add cooling water after starting.

After the diesel engine is started, the temperature in the diesel generator set rises immediately. If the cooling water is used at this time, the cylinder block and cylinder head will be cooled rapidly, and cracks will occur due to cold shrinkage.

(6) After the shutdown, the cooling water is not discharged.

The water inside the machine freezes into ice and increases in volume, causing the cylinder block and cylinder head to burst and crack.

(7) The cooling water is short or the temperature of the water tank boiler is too high

When the diesel generator set is in operation, the cooling water is insufficient or the temperature of the boiler boiler in the water tank is too high, and the cooling water is still used. Cylinder block and cylinder head supercooling and shortening can also cause cracking.

(8) Long-term operation of diesel generator set

Diesel generator sets work for a long time, and the temperature inside the machine is high. The high temperature water will be discharged immediately after shutdown. It will cause high-temperature parts to suddenly encounter cold air and crack.

2. The solution to the explosion of the diesel generator set

(1) When the diesel generator set is overheated and seriously lacks water, let the diesel generator set idling at low speed for 10-15 minutes, and then gradually participate in the cooling water

(2) Before starting the diesel generator set, the water tank should be filled with warm water. In severe winter, it should be filled with hot water 2~3 times. It is better to start when the water flowing out of the drain valve is about 30~50℃.

(3) When the diesel generator set works for a long time, wait for about half an hour after shutting down, and then release the cooling water when the engine temperature drops to 40~50℃. After draining the water, use a fine iron wire to poke through the drain valve switch to prevent sediment from blocking the drain valve.

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for the cylinder explosion of diesel genset. The common ones are design defects, oil quality and operating conditions, inaccurate adjustment of engine intake and exhaust systems and ignition timing, engine load is too high, and after starting Only add cooling water, the cooling water is short, or the temperature of the water tank boiler is too high, etc. Therefore, we have to adopt different solutions for different reasons.

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