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Reasons for Automatic Shutdown of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 25, 2023

What do you think are the reasons for the automatic shutdown of diesel generator sets? Today, we will explore this issue. There are various reasons for the automatic shutdown of diesel generator sets, but there are mainly two aspects: one is the interruption of fuel supply; Secondly, the moving parts are obstructed. During normal operation, if the speed gradually slows down, the sound of the explosion gradually weakens, the water temperature, oil temperature, and pressure are all normal, and pushing the throttle has no effect. After a period of time, the engine gradually stalls, and after parking, the flywheel can be turned with a screwdriver, indicating that the fuel supply is not smooth or interrupted.

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During operation, the engine oil pressure is normal, but the oil temperature is high, the water temperature increases, and there is a smell of paint. The cooling water outlet has little or no water output, and steam is emitted directly. The machine is struggling to operate and the noise is rough. There is a cylinder pulling sound when approaching parking, and the speed gradually decreases. Finally, when parking, it is difficult to rotate the flywheel forward and backward. After parking, the flywheel cannot be turned. After the engine temperature drops, the flywheel can be turned again, indicating that the piston is stuck.

During operation, the water temperature is normal, the oil pressure drops, the oil temperature rises, there are metal debris in the oil, there is a smell of oil burning dry, the machine vibration intensifies, the sound is abnormal, the speed gradually decreases, the inertia rotation time is short when parking, the flywheel cannot be turned after parking, and the flywheel cannot be turned after the machine cools down. It can be determined that the main shaft is burnt, also known as holding the shaft.

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