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Ratio of Fuel Consumption to Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generator

Jun. 13, 2023

During normal operation of the generator, the fuel consumption is approximately 2% of the fuel consumption. If the fuel consumption exceeds this ratio during use, it indicates that your generator has a problem and requires repair and maintenance. Normal and abnormal wear caused by long-term use or improper maintenance of the generator can cause longitudinal stretching marks on the cylinder liner, resulting in unclean oil scraping of the generator. Or because the torsion spring of the internal strut of the oil ring is disconnected at the opening of the oil ring, which causes the generator to scrape oil unclean and participate in combustion, causing serious fuel consumption symptoms of the generator. Although it will not affect the starting of the generator, the loss of oil is huge, and the serious wear of the generator valve guide will also affect the fuel consumption of the diesel generator.

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Check if the oil used is the specified oil, and if not, replace it with the specified oil. If oil drips out from the edge of the flywheel or the rear end of the oil pan, there is oil leakage at the rear end of the crankshaft. If oil flows out of the cylinder block on the cover from the rear end of the camshaft, the sealing at the rear end of the camshaft is not tight and there is oil leakage. If oil spills out from the rear end of the flywheel or oil pan, there is oil leakage from the rear end of the crankshaft. From the perspective of the generator crankshaft pulley, it indicates that the gear cover gasket is damaged or improperly installed. When other gaskets or oil pipe joints are loose, broken, or leaking, traces of oil leakage can be seen from the outside of the generator. Check whether the generator connecting screws or oil pipe joints are loose and whether the gasket is broken.

If the generator emits blue smoke, the oil is sucked into the cylinder and burned before being discharged. The generator intake pipe should be checked for oil free first. If engine oil is used, the sealing ring of the exhaust turbocharger compressor impeller shaft will fail. When the generator oil flows into the intake port along the shaft, the sealing ring should be replaced. If the intake pipe is dry and oil-free, check whether the sealing cap of the generator valve guide is intact, whether the gap between the generator intake rod and the guide pipe is too large, and replace and maintain it. If the above conditions are good, remove the cylinder head and oil pan, conduct a comprehensive inspection and measurement of the generator cylinder, piston, and piston ring, check for excessive wear and assembly clearance of the generator piston, piston ring, and cylinder wall, and ensure that the piston ring is installed in place.

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