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Quick Diagnosis of Generator Set Failure

Aug. 04, 2021

First, diagnose the technical status of the plunger of the generator set. According to the diagnosis of the sliding condition, adjust the cleaned plunger and assembly to 45 degrees, pull out 1/3 of the plunger, and let go of the plunger under its own weight. If it can fall slowly, if it falls too fast or stagnates as follows, it means that the technical condition of the plunger and barrel has been broken. Diagnose based on wear marks. Diesel engines with obvious scars on the small part of the plunger head, the upper part of the plunger chute, and the oil inlet VI of the plunger sleeve cannot continue to be used.

Second, according to the leak diagnosis, use the middle finger, thumb and index finger of the right hand to block the oil hole, oil return hole and top hole of the plunger with the cleaned plunger, and then use the left hand to pull the plunger outward. Elasticity. After letting go, if the plunger can return to more than 2/3 of the drawn amount on its own, it means that the plunger is in good technical condition; if the suction is small or cannot be sucked back, it means that the sealing is poor and it is not suitable for use.

For rapid diagnostic testing of oil pump tightness, the following methods can be used when testing the sealing performance of a single rack-type fuel injection pump: place the pump body in clean diesel, and use an air pump to inflate inward from the oil inlet. When the plug is placed in the fuel supply position, check for bubbles in the diesel oil. If air bubbles emerge at the taper of the outlet valve seat, it indicates that the oil outlet valve seat gasket is not well sealed; if air bubbles emerge on the circumference of the lower body of the pump, it indicates that the plunger shoulder and the pump body shoulder are not well sealed; if air bubbles Emerging from the plunger positioning screw indicates that the positioning nail gasket is not tightly sealed and should be corrected quickly.

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Third, a quick inspection of the tightness of the delivery valve of the high-pressure oil pump, using the audio method. Turn on the decompression handle of the generator set to decompress the generator set, pull up the throttle, shake the generator set, and listen carefully for the sound of fuel injection. If you hear a crisp sound of fuel injection every time, it indicates that the oil outlet valve is well sealed; if you hear intermittent sound of fuel injection, it indicates that the oil outlet valve has poor sealing performance and should be repaired.

Finally, the quick diagnosis of the needle valve of the injector is stuck. When the generator set is working, remove the oil return pipe at the upper end of the injector where the needle valve is suspected to be stuck, and insert a thin steel wire into the center hole of the injection pressure adjustment screw. Until the tappet is on top, gently press the end of the wire with your fingers. If you feel the wire jittering up and down quickly, it means that the needle valve is not broken. If the wire does not move and there is no force on the fingers, it means the needle valve. It's broken.

There is also a quick diagnosis of inadequate valve sealing. Rotate the crankshaft. When the diagnosis piston is in the exhaust stroke, shake your hand to cover the exhaust branch pipe. If you feel the airflow in your palm, it indicates that the exhaust valve is damaged. The last one is the quick diagnosis of the oil burning of the generator set, taking the ordinary generator set as an example. Remove the cylinder head, turn the crankshaft so that the piston is at the bottom dead center, wipe the oil foreign matter adhering to the cylinder wall surface, and then quickly rotate the crankshaft to observe the cylinder port. If the oil leaks, it indicates that the piston ring seal is not good, and the oil goes up into combustion. room. Then install the cylinder head, block the air branch pipe, adjust the exhaust valve clearance to a normally closed state, and then rotate.

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