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Problems and Countermeasures in Operation of 300MW Diesel Generator Set 1

Jun. 21, 2023

The diesel generator set pulverizer has poor regulation characteristics. The double inlet and double outlet pulverizer is a pulverizing system equipped with 4 pulverizers for each boiler of No. 1 and No. 2 boilers of the diesel generator set company. It is a positive pressure direct fired type. The adjustment of the pulverizer output depends on the action of the load regulating baffle.

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In case of manual operation, the diesel generator set operator can make manual adjustment according to the coal feeding amount and the pressure of the coal mill cylinder, but under coordinated control, the adjustment characteristics of each coal mill are poor and different. When coordinating inputs, there will be a phenomenon of each mill adjusting independently.

As a result, the parameters of four mills A, B, C and D of the diesel generator set deviate seriously. Some mills' air volume has exceeded the protection setting value, the coal feed volume is more than 50t/h (less than 40t/h as required), while some mills' primary air volume is significantly lower, and the cylinder pressure is lower than 3kPa. It is obviously difficult to discharge powder. Especially during the load lifting and lowering period, the dynamic adjustment is more improper. If this continues, some mills will be blocked, and some mills will not discharge powder when idling, which will worsen the combustion, Even if the fire extinguishing is not adjusted, it will cause adverse consequences from both safety and economic aspects according to the coordinated control of investment conditions.

The load control system of any pulverizer of the Diesel generator set is put into automatic operation and the primary air volume signal of the pulverizer is normal. However, in actual operation, due to the inaccurate operation, slow tracking, or over adjustment of the primary grinding equipment, it is difficult to coordinate the input. As can be seen from the above, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the coordination system, it is necessary to first solve the adjustment characteristics of the coal mill, make great efforts to rectify the equipment, and achieve synchronous and excellent performance of the four pulverizing machines. Only in this way can conditions be created for the normal operation of the coordination system, Only then can we ensure the safety and economic benefits of power plant enterprises.

The impact of the load setting value and load rise and fall rate of the diesel generator set is on the coordinated control of the diesel generator set. Load setting is the first step for load rise and fall. This operation is manually intervened by the operator. If there is a slight negligence, such as changing 250MW to 25MW by mistake when changing the setting value, the diesel generator set will drop the original load to 25MW, resulting in a load shedding accident, causing large losses. This is the wrong command, Causing serious consequences.

To prevent this situation from happening, in addition to strengthening the quality and safety responsibility of operators, coordination should also be considered. If instructions greater than 20MW are used, they should be locked and not executed. That is to say, coordination control only accepts instructions less than 20MW (including 20MW), which will be foolproof to avoid unnecessary losses. Load rise and fall rate refers to the rate of load change.

The unit is MW/min, and the set value of the load rise and fall rate of the diesel generator set of Starlight Power Generation Company is 6MW/min Practice has proved that the determination of the load rise and fall rate cannot be affected by the following factors: it can be seen that only the operator can change the load rise and fall rate according to the actual situation to adapt to the requirements of variable working conditions Experience recommends that the load rise and fall rate of Starlight Power Generation Company should be 2MW/min~/min, otherwise it will cause drastic fluctuations in parameters, And it may cause various accidents.

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