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Precautions for Using The Generator Set Maintenance Tool Micrometer

Apr. 11, 2023

The generator set maintenance tool micrometer, also known as a spiral micrometer and a micrometer, is a relatively precise measuring tool. During generator set maintenance, some parts such as pistons, piston pins, and other more precise parts must be measured using a micrometer. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment introduces the precautions for using the generator set maintenance tool micrometer:

generator maintenance

1. Clean the workpiece before measuring it. The end faces of the anvil and micrometer screw of the generator set micrometer must be clean, even if tiny dust is adhered to them, it will cause errors.

2. The rotating ratchet shall be able to drive the differential cylinder to rotate flexibly, and there shall be no jamming or friction between the differential cylinder and the fixed sleeve during the entire process.

3. After holding the differential cylinder by hand or using a locking mechanism to fasten the micrometer screw, the rotating ratchet makes a clear" tap tap tap "sound, indicating that the ratchet is good.

4. Before each use, its accuracy should be verified. The calibration method for accuracy is as follows.

(1) A 0 to 25mm generator set micrometer can be rotated to make its end face contact with the anvil end face to see if its two measuring surfaces are parallel, and if the "0" line of the fixed sleeve coincides with the "0" line of the differential cylinder. If it is not accurate, adjust it or remember the difference.

(2) The micrometers of generating sets above 25 to 50 meters are equipped with a calibration rod. Place the calibration rod between the two ends of the anvil and the micrometer screw, and the calibration can be performed according to method a.

(3) The specific calibration method for the micrometer of the generator set is to make the two end faces of the anvil and micrometer screw close together, hold the differential cylinder with one hand, insert a special small span wrench into the lock nut with a notch at the tail end of the differential cylinder with the other hand, turn it counterclockwise to separate the micrometer screw from the fixed sleeve, rotate the fixed sleeve to make its "0" line coincide with the "0" line on the differential cylinder, and then use a small span wrench to lock the lock nut tightly, Then rotate the ratchet wheel repeatedly. After the two ends of the anvil and the micrometer screw meet, check to see if the "0" lines of the two sleeves coincide. If they do not, correct them again. This correction often requires 2-3 times.

5. During measurement, do not quickly rotate the differential cam to prevent the end face of the measuring rod from colliding with the measured part, which will accelerate the wear of its contact surface.

6. When adjusting the generator set micrometer in a large range, the differential cylinder should be rotated instead of the ratchet wheel. Only when the two ends of the anvil and micrometer screw are in quick contact, can the ratchet wheel be rotated for measurement, which saves time and prevents early wear of the ratchet wheel. When retracting the ruler, the differential cam should be rotated instead of the rear cover and ratchet to prevent the rear cover from loosening and affecting the "0" position.

7. To eliminate measurement errors, when measuring the same data, you can measure it multiple times, and then take the average value.

8. During measurement, gently shake the micrometer and the workpiece to make good contact, and pay attention to whether the contact position between the generator set micrometer and the workpiece is correct.

The above is the precautions for using the generator set maintenance tool micrometer introduced by Starlight Power Generation Equipment. When using the generator set maintenance tool micrometer, everyone must follow the above precautions.

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