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Precautions for Operation The Deutz Diesel Generator Set

May. 18, 2023

Many users believe that the load of Deutz diesel generator is good. In fact, this is a very serious mistake, because the DEUTZ diesel generator will damage the engine if it is idling at low speed for more than 10 minutes or the light. This is because the combustion chamber temperature is too low, complete combustion, fuel injector nozzle and adhesion formation, leading to the DEUTZ diesel generator valve piston ring carbon deposition.

deutz generator

A part of the cylinder oil of Deutz diesel genset is burned, and a part of the oil cannot be completely burned. The valves, inlets, pistons, piston ring, carbon deposits and other places form part of the exhaust. In this way, the oil in the exhaust pipe of the cylinder sleeve of the diesel generator will gradually accumulate, which can also form carbon deposits; The reservoir in the turbocharger turbine chamber leaks to some extent from the mating surface of the turbocharger.

Pistons, cylinder liners, damaged sealing oil, burning to the combustion chamber, emitting blue smoke. Deutz diesel generator has low intake pressure for turbocharged diesel engine due to low load and no load. It is easy to cause the seal oil (non-contact seal oil seal) of DEUTZ diesel generator supercharger to enter the pump chamber, and the cylinder small load operation for a long period of time will lead to more serious wear of diesel generator moving parts, and environmental degradation in the early overhaul cycle of combustion engine.

The long full load operation time of Deutz diesel generator can not only improve the performance, find potential safety hazards, but also avoid major traffic accidents. Before each start, the satisfaction of the engine cooling water or antifreeze of the oil tank Deutz diesel generator set must be checked. If lacking, carefully inspect the hidden dangers and promptly eliminate any faults found.

If there is no abnormal phenomenon, the rated speed of the diesel engine will increase by 1500r/min. According to the generator frequency of the Deutz diesel generator set, 50hz, 400v, the output can be closed by the air switch. The generator of the Deutz diesel generator set is not allowed to run idle for a long time.

Deutz diesel generating set does not need to run at idle speed, because the automation unit is equipped with a water heater to keep the diesel cylinder body at about 45 ℃ all the time, and the engine of the Deutz diesel generator set can be normally launched 8 to 15 seconds later. Deutz diesel generator set has no burden. Before each shutdown, the load must be cut off step by step, and then the output air switch of Deutz diesel generator set must be closed. Finally, the diesel engine runs slowly for 3-5 minutes in idle, and then stops.

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