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Precautions for Installing Generators on Rooftops Part 1

Jun. 13, 2024

If the generator must be installed on the roof, ensure that the structure can support the weight of the generator set and consider the following factors:

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Load bearing requirements: The total weight of the fuel tank, battery, radiator, generator concrete pad, and any/all accessories must be included, and the total weight of the generator must be added together.


Accessibility: The generator should be easy for technical personnel to perform routine testing, inspection, maintenance, and testing, as well as any necessary repair work.


Safety: Ensure that the generator is installed away from the public to prevent unauthorized contact.


Fire regulations: All applicable local fire regulations, building and zoning laws must be followed. This code ensures that any engine, such as your generator, is installed correctly and will not cause a fire. If followed, to minimize the chance of fire and provide you with resources to contain the spread of the fire. If you install a generator on the rooftop, this rule is particularly important as it may make the entire building vulnerable to fire.


Generator foundation structure


Concrete is the most commonly used material for generator foundations. Although there have been some changes, such as filling gravel in wooden frames for timber construction, concrete provides the most stable foundation and higher durability. The gravel will move over time and needs to be replenished or re leveled from time to time, otherwise the fragments will get stuck in the gravel.


As mentioned above, it is necessary to carefully calculate the total weight of the generator and all components in order to construct the foundation safely and correctly.


Calculate the weight of the generator concrete pad:


The standard calculation method for determining the weight of a concrete cushion layer is to multiply its volume by the number of cubic meters (length x width x height) and subtract 60kg. After determining the weight of the concrete cushion block, it is necessary to confirm that the weight is within the load-bearing range of the installation position.


Specification of generator concrete pad:


The standard load-bearing requirements should be followed when considering the composition of the installation pad.


Generator concrete foundation cushion layer mixture:


The recommended mix volume ratio is 1:2:3 parts of cement, sand, and aggregate.


Conduit inlet:


When installing the generator on a concrete pad, make sure to make necessary preparations to receive electrical conduits. The area where the cable passes through is called the "joint" and must be placed in the optimal position for connecting the generator set load and control terminals.


Building a generator foundation for commercial generators is a process that requires precise calculations. Before the actual installation process, there are many factors and considerations that must be incorporated into the design and planning. Although many people choose to try installing it themselves, it is best to sign a contract with experienced professionals specializing in the construction of generator foundations and concrete pads.


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