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Power Matching Ratio of Marine Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 29, 2022

The correct selection of the power matching ratio of marine diesel generator sets is of great significance. If the matching ratio is too large, the power of the diesel engine may not be fully utilized, resulting in the diesel engine working under low load for a long time, and the fuel consumption is large. The economy is poor, resulting in a great waste of energy. At the same time, the carbon deposition is serious, the wear is large, and the service life of the diesel engine is shortened.

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There is a big difference between the power matching of marine diesel generator sets. The reason is that because there is no supporting supply for the sets, it is difficult for some units to order equipment. From the perspective of improving the economy and reliability of diesel generator sets, and from the perspective of saving energy consumption, this paper makes a certain analysis on the selection of power matching ratio of marine diesel generator sets.

Because the actual atmospheric conditions, temperature, humidity, intake and exhaust resistance, etc. in the ship's engine room are very different from the atmospheric conditions specified in the standard, the actual power that the diesel engine can emit is often lower than the rated power, otherwise the diesel engine will vibrate aggravated, and the risk of This is because whether the diesel engine can emit the rated power mainly depends on the amount of air inhaled by the diesel engine. When the atmospheric pressure decreases or the atmospheric temperature increases, the weight of the air decreases, and when the humidity increases, the amount of dry air in the air decreases. All reduce the weight of the air entering the diesel engine; so when the atmospheric conditions change, the power of the diesel engine must be corrected.

For turbocharged diesel engines, due to the increase in pressure after the turbo stage, the turbo expansion work decreases, which reduces the speed of the supercharger and reduces the boost ratio, further reducing the power of the diesel engine. Therefore, underwater ships generally cannot use turbocharged diesel engines. Diesel engines are allowed to have a certain amount of exhaust resistance loss when leaving the factory. For turbocharged diesel engines, the back pressure has certain regulations. However, due to the different performance of diesel units produced by various manufacturers, the specified back pressure values are also different. Generally, The exhaust resistance is below the millimeter water column, which has no effect on the power of the diesel engine. For non-supercharged diesel engines, it is proved from the above analysis that the allowable back pressure value can be larger, so the power correction of intake and exhaust resistance can be ignored except for underwater ships, merchant ships and general surface ships.

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