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Perkins Diesel Generator Set Complete Foundation Maintenance Content

Mar. 16, 2023

Many users know the importance of daily maintenance of Perkins diesel generator set, but few can really do a complete set of maintenance work. On the one hand, because the user has not formed good maintenance habits, on the other hand, because there is not a complete and comprehensive set of basic maintenance work content in the industry for users to refer to. Based on this point, Starlight has sorted out relevant content and shared it with you.

Perkins genset

1. Cleaning operation. The cleaning operation is mainly to remove the dirt on the surface of Perkins generating set, clean, clean and wipe the internal and external surfaces of Perkins diesel engine, alternator and control panel (box) as well as various accessories.

2. Inspection and fastening operation. The inspection and fastening operation is mainly to check the connection or installation of the exposed parts of the Perkins generator set, tighten the loosened parts if necessary, and replace individual missing or damaged bolts, nuts, screws and locking pins.

3. Check and adjust the operation. The inspection and adjustment operation is mainly to check the technical conditions of the mechanisms, instruments and assemblies of the unit, and adjust them according to the technical requirements or service conditions when necessary. Such as valve clearance, fuel supply time, oil pressure, etc. of diesel engine.

4. Electrical operation. Electrical operation mainly includes cleaning, checking and adjusting electrical appliances and instruments, lubricating their moving mechanism, replacing individual damaged or inapplicable parts and wires, checking and maintaining batteries, etc.

5. Lubrication operation. The lubrication operation mainly involves cleaning the lubricating system and oil filter of Perkins diesel engine, replacing the filter element or filter if necessary, and adding lubricating grease (such as fans, bearings, etc.) to the relevant parts of the unit.

6. Filling operation. The filling operation is mainly to check the oil tank and observe the oil storage, and fill diesel as required; Check the oil pan and observe the quality and quantity of the oil, and replace or add lubricating oil if necessary; Check the water tank and observe the quantity of coolant, and add coolant if necessary.

A complete set of basic maintenance work for Perkins diesel genset is composed of the above six items, which are interlinked and indispensable. You should form the good habit of regular maintenance. If the unit is used frequently, you need to shorten the maintenance period to ensure that the unit is in good working condition.

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