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Performance of Diesel Generator Set Supercharged Diesel Engine

Sep. 13, 2022

Diesel engines of diesel generator sets sometimes need to be supercharged. What is supercharging? That is, the supercharger (compressor) is used to compress the intake air of the diesel engine outside the cylinder and then send it into the cylinder to increase the intake air volume of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set, thereby increasing the average effective pressure and power. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will tell you about the improvement and corresponding problems after the diesel engine is supercharged.


1. Performance improvement of diesel generator set after diesel engine is supercharged


After the diesel engine adopts exhaust gas turbocharging, its performance is improved mainly in the following aspects:

diesel engine

(1) The power has been improved. After supercharging, the amount of circulating air entering the cylinder is greatly increased, and the amount of circulating oil can be increased accordingly, so the power of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is significantly improved, and the turbocharging can increase the power of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set by 30% to 100%, or even more. high. At the same time, after supercharging, due to the increase of gas burst pressure, the friction loss increases, but the effective power of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set increases more, thus improving the mechanical efficiency of the diesel generator set. Therefore, the supercharging greatly improves the power performance of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set

(2) Economic performance has been improved. The increase in mechanical efficiency after supercharging results in a lower fuel consumption rate. The increase in intake pressure not only improves the scavenging process, but also makes the pump suction work positive, which also reduces the fuel consumption rate. In addition, the excess air coefficient will be increased accordingly after supercharging, which will make the combustion more perfect, and also promote the fuel consumption rate to decrease.

(3) Harmful emissions have been reduced. After supercharging, due to the increase of the excess air coefficient, the oxygen content in the mixture increases relatively, the combustion is more complete, and the content of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and smoke in the exhaust gas decreases. However, due to the increase in intake air temperature after supercharging, the content of NO in exhaust emissions increases. At this time, if the supercharging and intercooling technology is adopted, the content of NO in the exhaust emissions will also be reduced. Therefore, on the whole, supercharging is beneficial to reduce emissions.

2. Problems caused by diesel engine supercharging of diesel generator sets

Diesel generator sets will also bring some problems after the diesel engine is supercharged, mainly in the following two points

(1) The mechanical load increases. Burst pressure is one of the main indicators to measure the mechanical load of diesel generator sets. After supercharging, the compression pressure and burst pressure are increased, which increases the load of the parts and increases the wear. Therefore, the burst pressure after supercharging should be controlled, and the main stressed parts (crank connecting rod mechanism, crankshaft and bearing, etc.) structure or material.

(2) Heat load increases. Due to the increase of air intake and fuel injection after supercharging, the total combustion energy increases, and the thermal load of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set increases; The combustion temperature and the average temperature of the cycle are increased: and because the density of the working medium increases, the heat transfer from the working medium to the walls increases. All of the above factors increase the thermal load of components such as the piston group, cylinder (wall) and exhaust valve, and reduce the material strength. Practice has proved that the influence of thermal load is often greater than that of mechanical load, which has become the main factor limiting the increase of diesel engine supercharging degree of diesel generator sets.

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