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Performance Level and Operating Condition Analysis of Diesel Generator Sets

Feb. 19, 2024

A diesel generator set is a power supply equipment that is powered by a diesel engine and drives an AC synchronous generator to generate electricity. In order to meet the higher requirements of modern society for diesel generator sets, what are the performance levels and working conditions of diesel generator sets? This article is shared by Dingbo Electric as follows.

standby power generator

Four performance levels of diesel generator sets

1. G1 level performance: suitable for connected loads that only require specifying basic voltage and frequency parameters. Mainly used for general purposes, such as lighting and other simple electrical loads.

2. G2 level performance: suitable for loads with the same voltage characteristics as public power systems. When the load changes, temporary but allowable voltage and frequency deviations may occur. For example, lighting systems, fans, and water pumps.

3. G3 level performance: suitable for connecting devices with strict requirements for frequency, voltage, and waveform characteristics, such as telecommunications loads and thyristor control loads.

4. G4 level performance: suitable for loads with particularly strict requirements for frequency, voltage, and waveform characteristics, such as data processing equipment or computer systems.

Diesel generator set operating conditions

The working condition of a diesel generator set refers to its ability to output rated power and work reliably and continuously in a specified operating environment. The working conditions of power plants (units) specified by national standards are mainly determined based on altitude, ambient temperature, relative humidity, mold, salt spray, and placement angle. The rated power of units should be determined using standard working environment conditions. As the control devices of diesel engines, AC synchronous generators, and generator sets have their own regulations and standards in national standards, when selecting and determining the working environmental conditions of generator sets, these factors should be comprehensively considered, with a focus on the standard environmental conditions of the diesel engine. According to GB/T2819-1995 "General Technical Conditions for Mobile Power Stations", The environmental conditions for the rated power output of the power station should be one of the following two provisions: specifically in the product technical conditions.

(1) Altitude 0 meters, ambient temperature 20 ℃, altitude 1000m, ambient temperature 40 ℃, relative humidity 60%. The unit should be able to output the specified power (correction allowed) and operate reliably under the following conditions. Altitude: not exceeding 4000m.

(2) Environmental temperature: upper limit is 40 ℃, 45 ℃, 50 ℃, lower limit is -40 ℃, 25 ℃, 5 ℃

(3) Relative humidity, condensation, and mold

(4) Slope: For diesel power plants, the longitudinal horizontal slope before and after the power plant shall not exceed 10 ° or 15 °. The on-site conditions for the operation of the unit are clearly determined by the user, and special hazardous conditions such as explosive environments and combustible gases are described.

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