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Performance Analysis of Generator Sets Oil Coolers

Oct. 19, 2022

The friction heat generated by the engine of the generator set at extreme speed is incalculable, and the oil cooler is a kind of oil cooler that can keep the oil temperature within a reasonable range. It is in the lubricating oil circuit of the lubrication system, and its working principle is roughly the same as that of the radiator. In this paper, Starlight power generation equipment will introduce several types of this powerful oil cooler.

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The engine oil cooler on the generator set is a device to accelerate the heat dissipation of lubricating oil and keep it at a lower temperature. Starlight will introduce the classification and performance of oil cooler:

1. Engine oil cooler: cool the lubricating oil of the engine, and keep the oil temperature reasonable (90-120 degrees) and viscosity reasonable; The installation position is at the cylinder block of the engine, which is installed together with the housing.

2. Transmission oil cooler: It cools the lubricating oil of the transmission and is installed in the water chamber of the engine radiator or outside the transmission housing. If it is air cooled, it is installed in the front of the radiator.

3. Retarder oil cooler: It cools the lubricating oil when the retarder is working. It is installed outside the gearbox, and is mostly a shell and tube type or water oil composite product.

4. Exhaust gas recirculation cooler: It is used to cool the exhaust gas and device partially returned to the engine cylinder, in order to reduce the content of nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust.

5. Heat dissipation cooler module: It is a device that can simultaneously cool cooling water, lubricating oil, compressed air and other objects or some objects at the same time. The cooling module adopts a highly integrated design idea and has the characteristics of full function, small volume, intelligence and high efficiency.

6. Air cooler, also known as intercooler, is a device used to cool the high-temperature and high-pressure air after engine pressurization. By cooling the intercooler, the temperature of the charge air can be reduced, thus increasing the density of the air to achieve the purpose of engine power, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

These are the oil coolers on the engines of the six generator sets. They carry a major mission. When the heat load of the unit is too large, they begin to be responsible for heat dissipation, especially for some high-power units.

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