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Pay Attention To Ventilation Design Of Diesel Generator Room

Nov. 02, 2022

In order to meet the requirements of power supply reliability, many industries are equipped with diesel generator sets as emergency power supply. When an integral radiator unit is installed in the machine room, the basic principle is to discharge the hot air in the machine room, introduce the low-temperature air outside the machine room into the machine room and reduce the inflow of hot air as possible, and eliminate the harmful substances such as waste heat machine CO and acrolein in the machine room to meet the indoor hygiene requirements. Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds you that the ventilation of diesel generator room should pay attention to the design of normal ventilation and working ventilation.


Ventilation at ordinary times: the machine rooms of air-cooled and water-cooled generators shall be ventilated for 6 times at ordinary times, and the oil storage room shall be ventilated for at least 3 times. For the machine room with gas fire extinguishing system, this ventilation system is responsible for removing indoor waste gas after a fire, but it is not accident ventilation.


diesel generator set

Working ventilation: the air volume required for working oxygen consumption must be considered for the diesel generator set. The air cooling generator has a large cooling air volume, which generally adopts natural air intake. The diesel engine has its own fan for pressure discharge, but the pressure head of the diesel generator set's own fan is only about 150Pa. When the shaft resistance is large, it is necessary to increase the fan to overcome the shaft resistance. Generally, the air inlet shaft has a large resistance, and the inlet fan is added. If the resistance of exhaust shaft is large, exhaust fan shall be added.


Generally speaking, the ventilation volume of the machine room is calculated as follows: it mainly involves the air inlet system and exhaust system of the machine room. It is calculated according to the amount of gas required for unit combustion and the amount of ventilation required for unit heat dissipation. The sum of gas volume and ventilation volume is the ventilation volume of the machine room. Of course, this is a change value, which varies with the temperature rise of the room. Generally, the ventilation volume of the machine room is calculated under the following conditions according to the temperature rise control of the machine room at 5 ℃ - 10 ℃, which is also a relatively high requirement. The gas volume and ventilation volume that control the temperature rise of the machine room at 5 ℃ - 10 ℃ are the ventilation volume of the machine room at this time, and the size of the air inlet and outlet can be calculated according to the ventilation volume.


The above is the relevant knowledge about the ventilation design of the diesel generator room introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.. I hope it will be useful to you.


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