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Operation Mode of Jichai Diesel Generator Turbocharger

Oct. 11, 2022

Turbocharger is actually a kind of air compressor that can increase the intake air volume by compressing air. Today, Starlight Power will lead you to understand the operation mode and principle of the bypass valve turbocharger of Jichai diesel generator.

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When the diesel generator of Jichai operates at high speed and high load, the exhaust flow is large, so the exhaust energy is large, which makes the turbine Holset turbocharger (Holset) rotate at a higher speed, and the boost pressure is also high. However, when the diesel generator of Jichai operates at low speed, even if the load is increased, the exhaust gas flow is not large, so the disadvantages of low charge air pressure and too small torque increment of the diesel generator of Jichai appear. As an improvement method, small capacity turbine Holset turbocharger can be used to match the medium speed of Jichai diesel generator to improve the torque of Jichai diesel generator at medium speed.

However, this will lead to the problems of too high supercharging and too high speed of Holset turbocharger when Jichai diesel generator is running at high speed and high load. Therefore, exhaust bypass valve can be used. That is, at high speed and high load, the bypass valve is opened to drain off some waste gas, so as to reduce the speed of Holset turbocharger and control the compression ratio.

The bypass valve is driven by the crank and connected with one end of the spring in the actuator (fixed on the Holset housing with a bracket 7) through a push rod. The other end of the actuator 4 is connected with the compressor outlet through a hose 8. When the bypass valve is closed, the spring in the actuator has a certain pre tightening force.

When the boost pressure reaches a certain degree, which is enough to overcome the spring preload, the force of the boost pressure will open the bypass valve through the push rod and crank, so that part of the waste gas entering the turbine will flow into the main exhaust pipe through the bypass channel, thus reducing the waste gas entering the turbine, reducing the turbine energy, and the speed and boost pressure of the turbocharger will decrease accordingly.

The bypass valve is always surrounded by high-temperature exhaust gas during operation. Therefore, it is made of high temperature resistant materials.

Through the above analysis, Starlight Power kindly reminds users that the diesel generator of Jichai suddenly stops and shuts down under full load and high temperature, the oil pump stops working, the lubricating oil cannot take away the heat from the parts in the supercharger, and the supercharger will be damaged due to overheating, which has caused economic losses.

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