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Operation and Maintenance of Volvo Generator Set Batteries

Nov. 23, 2023

The Volvo generator set battery should be soft and firmly installed in the installation frame to prevent damage to the electrode plate and shell due to vibration. The connection between the wire and the pole should be firm and in good contact. When installing batteries in Volvo generator sets, the "live wire" end should be connected first, followed by two sets of batteries in series, and then the "ground" end. When disassembling the battery, the sequence is reversed.

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When adding electrolyte to Volvo generator sets, only pure sulfuric acid and distilled water should be used, and no debris such as metal conductors should be dropped; The battery should be kept clean regularly. After removing the oxide on the pole and connecting rod, a layer of lubricating grease (petroleum jelly oil) should be applied to prevent oxidation of the pole and connecting rod.

Regularly check the liquid level of the electrolyte in the battery of Volvo generator sets. The liquid level should be 10-15mm higher than the electrode plate. If it is insufficient, only distilled water can be added. Unless it is confirmed that the decrease in the liquid level is caused by electrolyte overflow, sulfuric acid solution can be added.

Measure the density of the electrolyte using a suction densitometer, while measuring the temperature of the electrolyte using a thermometer. When the electrolyte temperature rises or decreases by 1 degree Celsius, subtract or add 0.0007g/cm3 from the electrolyte density to convert it to a standard density value of 20 degrees Celsius. After adding distilled water or strong discharge, the electrolyte density cannot be measured immediately due to uneven electrolyte distribution. Measure the discharge voltage using a high rate discharge meter.

Cold and winter should keep the Volvo generator set battery in a charged state frequently to prevent the electrolyte from freezing, causing the plate to arch, the active substance to fall off, or the shell to crack. Adding electrolyte or distilled water in winter should be done before charging the battery or starting the generator set for power generation.

Necessary adjustments should be made to the electrolyte density in summer and winter. In summer, a small amount of electrolyte can be inhaled before adding distilled water. In winter, some electrolyte with a density of 1.4g/cm3 should be added. If the Volvo generator set battery needs to be left unused for 1-2 months, it should be fully charged and the electrolyte density should meet the specified requirements before storage.

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