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Operating Instructions of Cummins Engines

Aug. 05, 2017

Do you know what should pay attention to before starting the New and Rebuilt Cummins Engines? If you don’t know, the following article will show you the details.

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1. New and Rebuilt Engines Break-in

NT series Cummins engines are run-in on dynamometers before being shipped from the factory and are ready to be put to work. But the operator has an opportunity to establish conditions for optimum service life during initial 100 hours of service by complying the following guide.

1) Operating as much as possible at three-quarter throttle of load range.

2) Avoiding operation for long periods at engine idle speeds, or at the maximum horsepower levels in excess of five minutes.

3) Developing the habit of watching the engine instructions closely during operation and letting up on the throttle if the oil temperature reaches 250 F [121℃] or the coolant temperature exceeds 195 F [91℃].

4) Operating with a power requirement that allows acceleration to governed speed when conditions require more power.

5) Checking the oil level every 8 to 10 hours during the break-in period.


2. New or Rebuilt Engines Pre-Starting Instructions – First Time

Priming the Fuel System

1). Fill the fuel filter with clean diesel fuel.

2) Remove the fuel pump suction line and wet the gear pump gears with clean lubricating oil.

3) Check and fill the fuel tanks.

4) If the injector and valve or other adjustments have been disturbed by any maintenance work, check to be sure they have been properly adjusted before starting the engine.


Priming the Lubricating System

Note: On turbocharged engines, remove the oil inlet line from the turbocharger and prelubricate the bearing by adding 2 to 3 ounce. [50 to 60 ml] of clean lubricating oil. Reconnect the oil supply line.

1) Fill the crankcase to the “L” (low) mark on the dipstick.

2) Remove the plug from the lubricating oil crossover passage. See Figure 1.

 Lubricating system priming point.jpg

Lubricating System Priming point


3) Connect a hand or motor-driven priming pump line from a source of clean lubricating oil to the plug boss in the housing.

4) Prime until a 30 psi [207 kPa] minimum pressure is obtained.

5) Crank the engine at least 15 seconds (with fuel shut-off valve closed or disconnected to prevent starting). while maintaining the exteral oil pressure at a minimum of 15 psi [103kpa].

6) Remove the exteral oil supply and replace the plug. Tighten to proper torque valve.

Warning: Clean the area of any lubricating oil spilled while priming or filling the crankcase.

7) Fill the crankcase to the “H” (high) mark on the dipstick with oil. No change in oil viscosity or type is needed for new or newly rebuilt engines.

A dipstick oil gauge is located on the side of the engine. The dipstick has an “H” (high) (1) and “L” (low) (2) level mark to indicate lubricating oil supply. The dipstick must be kept with the oil pan, or engine, with which it was originally supplied. Cummins oil pans differ in capacity with different type installations and oil pan part numbers.

Check Air Connections

Check the air connections to the compressor and the air equipment, as used, and to the air cleaners and air crossovers to assure that they all are secure and have no damage.

Check Engine Coolant Supply

1. Remove the radiator or heat exchanger cap and check the engine coolant supply. Add coolant as needed.

2. Make a visual check-for leaks and open the water filter shut-off valves.

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