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Noise Reduction and Environmental Protection of Diesel Generator Room

May. 04, 2023

A company has built a diesel generator set room, which is equipped with a water cooled 12V135D diesel generator set with a rated power of 120kw. The area of the machine room is about 25m2, and the height is about 5mo. Because the noise control of the unit was not considered in the overall layout and single design of the machine room, when the diesel generator set is running, the noise measured at 1m from the unit is 113dB (A), which seriously pollutes the surrounding environment. The noise level in the residential area about 10m north of the computer room is as high as 90dB (A), making the noise control of the computer room an urgent environmental issue to be solved.

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Main technical measures

1. The sound insulation and absorption design of the diesel generator set room is to improve the operating environment of the operator. Steel sound insulation doors are added outside the original wooden doors on the south and west sides of the machine room to reduce the external radiation of the machine room noise. The noise inside the computer room can reach up to 113dB (A), and the areas where sound-absorbing structures can be installed on the ceiling and walls of the computer room are subjected to sound-absorbing treatment to reduce the noise inside the computer room.

2. In order to effectively control the noise radiated from the west and north windows of the diesel generator set machine room, air inlet silencers integrating air inlet lighting and sound insulation are designed and installed outside the windows on both sides. The upper part is a light and sound insulation window cover, and the lower part is an L-shaped resistive sheet air intake muffler. The total effective air intake area is 1.12m2, and the designed air intake flow rate is about.

3. Exhaust air silencing is designed to control the temperature rise in the diesel generator room. Air inlet silencing windows are designed and installed under the west and north walls of the sound insulation lighting windows. Due to the water-cooled cooling mode of the diesel engine, the cooling fan is located at the front end of the diesel unit, near the air intake silencing window on the north side of the machine room. To prevent the exhaust of the diesel engine cooling fan from affecting the ventilation and cooling of the machine room, a cooling fan duct is added in the design to guide hot air to the upper part of the perforated plate ceiling, and then discharged outdoors through the exhaust fan. This not only facilitates the ventilation and heat dissipation of the machine room, but also helps to reduce the noise inside the machine room.

4. The design of diesel engine exhaust noise reduction pit is mainly composed of medium to low frequency sound, with a sound level of over 100dB (A). The original design had two exhaust pipes directly connected to the outdoor, resulting in very serious noise pollution. Based on the on-site conditions, a three stage expansion chamber series connected resistance labyrinth type noise reduction pit was designed and installed first.

Governance technical requirements

The noise in the diesel generator room shall be reduced by about 10dB (A), and the environmental noise in the residential area shall be reduced to below 55dB (A). The temperature rise in the computer room should be controlled between 10-15 ℃. When the outdoor temperature is 35 ℃, the temperature inside the computer room should be ≤ 45 ℃; When the outdoor temperature is 20 ℃, the temperature inside the computer room should be ≤ 35 ℃. The power loss of the unit after treatment should not exceed 10%.

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