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Manual Operation Steps of Volvo Diesel Generator Control Panel

May. 22, 2023

In the work of Volvo diesel generator, external factors often play a role through these characteristics of diesel generator, making relevant parts fail. Due to the structural characteristics of the water jacket of Volvo diesel generator, under the action of high temperature, the cooling water forms scale on the outer wall of the cylinder liner, which affects the cooling effect of the diesel generator cylinder liner. The working characteristics of mechanical parts may cause wear of the diesel generator due to friction.

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During the working process, the piston ring of the diesel generator of Volvo moves in the cylinder at a high speed and in a straight line, causing the cylinder of the diesel generator to wear. During operation, temperature changes are severe, and thermal stress causes deformation and cracks. During the operation of the diesel generator, due to the influence of the ejector pin, the internal stress of the cylinder block and cylinder head of the diesel generator is redistributed to reach a new balance, resulting in the plane warpage and deformation of the cylinder head of the diesel generator.

If Volvo diesel generator operates at low speed frequently, the load will increase rapidly without heater. If the oil pressure of diesel generator is too low, the wear of parts will be accelerated. If the working time is too long, the load change of diesel generator is too large, and long-term overload operation will also cause premature damage of diesel generator parts.

Manual operation steps of Volvo diesel generator control panel, wiring of Volvo diesel generator part: first, connect the output cable of Volvo diesel generator with the switch II in the control panel. Please note that each line shall be tightened in the sequence of U, V, W and N, and then the control harness shall be tightened on the socket of Volvo diesel generator control panel, and then the battery wire shall be connected.

Turn the control mode switch on the control panel of Volvo diesel generator to the manual position, open the battery switch of Volvo diesel generator and send it to the control panel. At this point, if the ATS switch is on the power side of the oil engine, it is necessary to manually turn the ATS switch to the A terminal power side to provide power to the user. Check if the oil, cooling water, and fuel are offline. After confirming that there is no problem, start the testing machine, press the manual start button, and start the Volvo diesel generator. Adjust the throttle size and increase the speed to 1500 rpm within 20-30 seconds after successful startup.

Open and observe the parameter display value on the control module of Volvo diesel generator. The voltage is about 400 V AC, the frequency is about 50 Hz, the oil pressure is 300-700 kPa, and the water temperature is 50-80 ℃. If the value deviation is too large, stop the inspection, find out the cause, eliminate the fault of Volvo diesel generator and try again.

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