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Maintenance the Intercooler of Generator Set Diesel Engine

Apr. 19, 2023

The pollution of water to the intercooler will adversely affect the performance of the diesel engine of the generator set. Pollution on the air flow side will reduce intake pressure and density. Regardless of the pollution on the air side or coolant side, it will reduce the cooling capacity of the cooler, causing the inflation temperature to rise and the density to decrease. The aforementioned adverse effects will result in a decrease in the diesel power performance of the generator set and black smoke emission. At this time, the intercooler should be cleaned.

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Removal of intercooler of generator set diesel engine

1. Remove the inlet and outlet joints and discard the gaskets.

2. Remove the intercooler core and cover from the intercooler body and throw away the gasket.

3. Remove the O-ring from the intercooler core and throw it away.


1. Clean the shell of intercooler cover with steam.

2. Clean the cooler core with a solvent that is non-destructive to brass and blow dry with compressed air.


1. Place the intercooler body on the workbench, and the installation position shall be the same as that on the engine.

2. Place the gasket on the intercooler body, coat the new O-ring with clean engine oil, install it on the water inlet and outlet joints of the intercooler core, and install the intercooler core into the body.

3. Install the water inlet connector and new gasket to the water inlet of the intercooler core, and do not damage the O-ring. Secure the joint to the body with tightening screws.

4. Install the gasket into the mounting flange of the intercooler core, make sure that the gasket, the intercooler and the screw holes on the body are aligned, and install the cover, but do not tighten it to the specified torque in the future at this time.

5. Install the water outlet connector and new gasket onto the cover, install the screws and copper gasket, and tighten the screws by hand. Attention: Be sure to install the O-ring in the correct position and ensure it is intact and undamaged.

6. Screw on the connecting screws of intercooler cover, intercooler core and intercooler body, and do not tighten them to the specified torque at this time.

7. Screw on the connecting screw between the water inlet connector and the intercooler body and tighten it to 37~43N · m.

8. Tighten the connecting screw between the intercooler cover and the intercooler body to 34N · m, tighten the middle screw first, and then tighten one screw from the middle to each side of both ends, alternately.

9. Tighten the screws of the water outlet connector to 21-27N · m.

The key point for repairing the side mounted intercooler of the diesel engine of the generator set is that the disassembly, cleaning and main items of the intercooler of the diesel engine of the generator set can refer to the intercooler of the diesel engine of the generator set. Here only the pressure test of the side mounted intercooler - coolant side is described. During the experiment, take a section of hose and block one end with a pipe plug, then block the water joint below. Connect the air pipe and pressure gauge on the water connector on the other side (the upper one), and pressurize the intercooler core to check its leakage. The pressure of air or water is 448kPa. If there is leakage, the intercooler must be replaced.

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